Use music to preach Peace – Ras Tafari urges musicians

A Ghanaian born United Kingdom (UK) based Reggae/Dancehall artiste, Ras Amankwatia Tafari, has called on musicians in the country to use music as an instrument to preach peace to Ghanaians during this year’s election.

That, he said would help promote peace among the people to prevent any future violence.

Ras Tafari noted that musicians have greater influence and could keep youth in order for them not to engage in violence during and after the December polls.

He stated that freedom of speech and freedom of choice are the most basic fundamental human right and should not be  abused, adding that Ghana should not destroy its peace and culture of hospitality all in the name of politics.

Music, Ras Amankwatia observed could  be used effectively as a unifying force across barriers of conflicts as well as bridge ethnic and religious barriers to observe peace.

He further stated that artiste’s participation in politics should not breed conflict and advised them not to use their channel to lyrically abuse other political parties to spark war among fans and party lovers.

Ras Amankwatia pointed that sustainable development required an environment of peace and to make progress as a country, the citizenry had to reject instability and opt for peaceful coexistence.

Known in the showbiz as the “Lion,” he released his debut album titled “7 Seals” in 2014 which had 22 massive songs and released his second album“Conquering lion” in 2017.

The “Black Jesus” hit maker said, he intended doing a lot of promotional activities in the country to be recognised, he started off with a show at “Bantama” a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region which was graced with a gigantic crowd.

The international artiste stated that his record label, Ras Tafari Movement (RTM) Music was responsible for promoting his music in the country andmentioned that his unique way of composing songs attracted people from different continents to listen to his music.

Times Weekend (TW) had a chit chat with him on Monday to delve more into his life and the challenges he faced in his music career.

TW: Welcome to this week’s edition of TW!

Ras: Thank You!

TW: What is your real name?

Ras: My real name is Owusu Amankwatia.

TW:  Where did you grow up?

Ras:  I was born and raised in Kumasi, Bantama.

TW: Aside Reggae/Dancehall, what other genres do you do

Ras: I do Afrobeat and a little bit of highlife to promote my culture in UK.

TW:  How did life start with you?

Ras: Life became very hard, my dad travelled to Europe leaving my mum with my kid sister and I. Due to hardship she relocated to her hometown, called “Asuafua-kumasi” in Ashanti region where we stayed for couple of years, then returned to Bantama. Things were pretty tough for us; we could not even get a place to lay our head but thanks to Most High for seeing us through.

TW: How did you discover your music talent?          

Ras: I discovered it at the age of 10. I knew the music talent the Creator gifted me with so I nurtured it until the right time came for me to be a professional musician.

TW: What is the title of your recent track?

Ras: Street Life

TW: What inspired this track?

Ras:  I got the inspiration from my experience as a Getto boy and Politics.

TW: How do you see the current industry?

Ras:  Ghana got lots of amazing talents and if our industrial players are able to give more opportunities to the young talented ones and also promotemore of our bigger brands on international market, our industry will do very well because the international market respect and acknowledge our music.

TW: Who is your favourite artiste?

Ras: I love Iwan, Shatta Wale, Stonebowy and Ras Kuuku.

TW: Among them, who is your favourite entertainer?

Ras: Shatta Wale.

TW: What is your take on the year of return?

Ras: It is a good thing to see the generation of our ancestors who were forced into slavery by the slave master coming back home to the land they belong. I hope they find better happiness wherever in Africa their souls lead them. I also recommend that they look at the opportunities in their home landand help develop it to boost the economy.

TW: What has been your major challenge in the industry?

Ras: As an upcoming artist sometimes to get interview, airplay and attention from the masses is difficult so I will urge the media to help promote us.

TW: What do you do aside music?

Ras: I work as a security officer in Wilson James on Facebook contract in London.

TW: Will you venture into politics?

Ras:I don’t think so! But if it is the will of the Creator, then so be it.

TW: What are your final words to fans and youth?

Ras: They should know that politicians always got plenty empty promises sothey must stay wise and vote wisely, my fans should continue having confident in me and help push my brand.


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