Traffic management is the solution to problems on our roads

Traffic management remains one of the major headache of city authorities and the police for many years.

In recent times, the situation seems to be growing from bad to worse as the population of vehicles continue to increase.

Every day, there are reported incidents of road crashes and minor accidents on our roads.

Many road users have become victims of careless drivers who indulge in inconsiderate activities on our roads.

These activities are a cause of concern to many who have called for measures to be instituted to ensure effective management in the country.

It is against this backdrop that the government yesterday began the installation of the first phase of the Accra Intelligence Traffic Management Project (AITMP) at two intersections in Accra.

The system which is a solar powered first class traffic signal control and traffic flow guidance systems is expected to check violations of traffic rules and regulations.

The systems are also fixed with smart check point road signs and markings as well as pedestrian hand railings.

We commend the Ministry of Roads and Highways for inaugurating the two installed systems at the Accra Sports Stadium roundabout and the Kanda-Castle Road intersection which are expected to reduce congestion through a set of applications, management tools and intelligent transport systems.

We are informed that the first phase of the project would involve the installation of 44 signal intersections from Amasaman to the Business District of Accra as well as the construction of a centralised traffic monitoring centre at the Motor Traffic and Transport Division (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service and the Department of Urban Roads.

Indeed, this is good news and a huge relief for both motorists and other road users because the project would bring everyone some respite.

Not only would it bring some order, but road users would be compelled to be disciplined on the road.

Those who decide to be reckless and disobey road regulations would have themselves to blame because they would be picked up by the traffic centralised monitoring centre and dealt with according to law.

If we all agree that the problems on our roads are not good, then we must all welcome the system and abide by the rules and regulations.

The AITMP is obviously part of the solution to the road management headache but its implementation would either succeed or fail depending on how we utilise it.

We welcome the new traffic management measures and expect all Ghanaians to embrace it in order to bring some sanity on the roads.

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