Suspected thieves vandalise ECG transformer at SefwiAsafo

Persons suspected to be thieves have vandalised a 200 Kilo Volt Ampere (KVA) transformer, belonging to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) at Sefwi Asafo New Site, in the Sefwi Wiawso Municipality of the Western Region, last Monday.

Presently, the ECG, is faced with challenges as to how to maintain and supply power to customers in Western North enclave and beyond.

Inset, the vandalized transformer.

Meanwhile, the security agencies have begun investigations into the matter.

The ECGWestern Regional General Manager, Emmanuel Justice Ofori, confirmed the story to Ghanaian Times.

He said customers served by the 200KVA transformer, valued at GHc¢50,000, atAsafoNew Site at Sefwi Wiawso, reported that the equipment had been vandalised by unknown persons.

He said, when members of the fault team of ECG went to the substation, they realised that the transformer was vandalised.

Mr Ofori said the copper wire windings in the transformer had also been taken away by the unknown persons, indicating that the actions were done about 2am, last Monday.

“The narration of the assembly member shows that power went off at that time, but, he thought it was a normal outage, only to wake up in the morning to see the transformer dismantled into pieces. We have reported the matter to the Ghana Police Service to assist in arresting the culprits and also forestall future occurrence,”Mr Ofori said.

He, however, assured that arrangements had been made to replace the transformer with a 100KVA transformer because the average load as at March 15, 2022, was 57 Amps.

Mr Ofori told the Ghanaian Times that, the vandalisation of the 200KVA transformer and theft of accessories had affected customers in the Sefwi enclave.

“For now, the Regional Manager revealed that small and medium enterprises were complaining about the situation, which had entered its second week.

“Customers are discontent with the situation. Initially they thought cutin power supply was coming from ECG end until they were told about the realities.”

However, they are still having high expectations about restoration of services in Sefwi areas and beyond,” Mr Ofori said.


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