Special Prosecutor must work in accordance with constitution–Majority Leader

The Majority Leader and Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, has revealed that the leadership of Parliament does not intend to prevent the Special Prosecutor from working, however, he must work in accordance with the Constitution.

He explained that the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu is at liberty to investigate any Member of Parliament (MPs) who has been brought before him but he must do that without violating the fundamental human rightsof such MPs.

Members of Parliament are not immune from prosecution, they are rather protected especially when they are dispensing their duties, Martin Amidu should make sure he does not flout the rules of parliament.

 “While parliament is committed, dedicated and determined  to assist and support the Office of the Special Prosecutor in discharging its duties excellently, it should, however, be guided by Article 117 of the constitution which states that ‘civil or criminal process coming from any court or place out of Parliament shall not be served on, or executed in relation to, the Speaker or a member or the clerk to Parliament while he is on his way to, attending at or returning from, any proceedings of Parliament while  executing his work,” Mr Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu pointed out. 

Mr Amidu had accused the Speaker of Parliament, Professor Mike Oquaye, of interfering in his work of prosecuting corrupt parliamentarians who have abused their office saying, “When I sent a Member of Parliament to court, the Speaker invited me to his office, and tried to persuade me as to how I should behave but I told him no I won’t.

He wrote to the judge with certificate directing the judge how she should behave, she turned it down, there is nothing like bipartisan interference in the work of the office of the Special Prosecutor when legislature which made the law and gave independence tries to interfere as to how it is executed, Mr Amidu intimated.

He had also debunked an assertion that he is lonely and it is only the public he owes his duty to and not politicians and maintained that if bipartisan obstructed fight against corruption who would not want alternatives to have freedom. -peacefmonline.com

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