PTIPTO pray for Ghana on 65th anniversary

The Pray Them In Pray Them On (PTIPTO), a non-denominational prayer group, held a national Independence prayer summit in Accra on Sunday to mark the country’s 65th Independence Day celebration.

Dubbed: “Still pursuing God on behalf of Ghana” the three and half-hour prayers was highlighted on nine prayer topics, including thanksgiving, freedom from debts and loans slavery, destroying every political wind of evil, destroying the work of Satan against the land, the rise of Joseph in the land and the wind of revival.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Times after the summit, the Executive Director of PTIPTO, Reverend Samuel Boateng, stated that the programme was held based on God’s call on Ghanaians to pray for the leaders and authorities of the country.

He said the summit was also to sensitise the church and believers to set them free from all political affiliations in order for them to wake up and pray for good governance and the country at large.

Rev. Boateng noted that the development of every country hinged on prayers and good governance, hence his call on believers to deepen their prayers for the country.

“I know it is not easy for some believers to pray for a sitting government which is not from their political party but they have to remind themselves that the prayer for good governance is to help develop and build the nation to make it a better place for the indigenes to reduce poverty and unemployment,” he said.

Rev. Boateng expressed the need for the country to pray at all times and not only during elections to suppress every evil aggression and attack on the country and its economy.

“There is hope for Ghana, Ghana will not be destroyed or fail. It will develop if we continually pray. Lately, I have heard some people talking about war and a coup but such a thing will never happen under our watch. Gone are the days when Christians did not know the power they possessed.

Gradually Christians are getting hold of their authority so when Christians get on their knees they are more powerful than an army on their feet,” he added.

Rev. Boateng advised doomsayers to watch their talks as their predictions were causing fear and panic while urging them to make Christ the centre to revive the country from any nuclear war.

PTIPTO was set up in 2017 to hold a quarterly prayer for the country to fast track its development.


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