PNC infighting: It’s ugly, disturbing—Bernard Mornah

Bernard Mornah, a former chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), has described as ugly and disturbing the recent confusion that has rocked the political party.

He said the feuding factions must allow cool heads to prevail and settle the matter amicably without dragging it further.

Mr Mornah cautioned that the PNC risks deteriorating further “if the two factions do not back down from their entrenched positions and what is happening is ugly and disturbing which is just unimaginable the extent of deterioration that has characterised my beloved party.

“My opinion is that the two factions are both wrong, I think that the two sides must sit down and realise positions they are holding are inimical and devastating for members, supporters, faithful, sympathisers and well-wishers,” Mr Mornah lamented.

According to him, it became apparent that cracks in the PNC had worsened following the suspension of the party’s General Secretary, Janet Nabla by the National Executive Committee (NEC) over allegations of gross misconduct, insubordination, and incompetence.

“The development stems from precedent set by one of the party’s long-standing members and flagbearer, Dr Edward Mahama who some years ago instigated suspension of some party leaders without following due processes.

“What is happening to the party today is probably as a result of diabolic decisions Dr Mahama took such as the case of Haruna Mohammed and Atik Mohammed which emboldened the new leadership to think they can just suspend someone.

“I have spoken to the council of elders and called other major stakeholders of the party,   I have appealed to them to call our party to order so that they can see how we can resolve the issue and what we just need to do is to allow reasonability, common sense and the need to hold the party together to prevail,” Mr Mornah implored.

Madam Nabla insisted that she was still at post and had not been suspended since the supposed NEC meeting was illegitimate, suspension was being pushed by the party’s 2020 flagbearer, David Apasera and chairman, Moses Dani-Baah, who she accused of embezzling party funds.

Different groups from the party, including different regional executives, have declared support and assistance for both factions with an apparent no end in sight for ensuing controversy, already some elders of the party have been spoken to, to help bring resolution to issue.–

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