NPP remains best bet for citizenry …MP insists

The Member of Parliament for Manhyia South Con­stituency in the Ashanti Region, Dr Opoku Prempeh, has insisted that notwithstanding the economic difficulties being faced by the citizenry, the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) re­mains the best bet if compared to the National Democratic Con­gress (NDC).

He pointed to the depreciation of the Ghana Cedi against the dollar as one of the challenges the government had been faced with but was quick to add that it would have been worse if any other po­litical party was in charge of the economy at the time.

“The cedi which dropped to an all-time lowest in history would have hit GH¢48 to a dollar if the National Democratic Congress (NDC) or any political party was in power because they will not have been able to stabilise the cedi against the dollar which would have been precarious for the economy but the NPP govern­ment will stabilise the situation soon,” Dr Prempeh assured.

Speaking to members of the Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON) in the Ashanti Region at a conference in Kumasi, he maintained that the worst in NPP was far better than the best in NDC and the youth should be motivated to serve NPP which was the best bet compared with NDC or any other political party no matter the circumstances they were in.

“The worse in NPP is far better than the best in NDC and some of you are motivated to serve NPP, know you are motivated to serve the best and it is only NPP that can make the country better and no matter the circumstances that you are in, just imagine if it was NDC it would have been times three and if NDC was in government the dollar that could have gotten to GH¢16 would have gotten to GH¢48,” Dr Prempeh, who is the Minster of Energy touted.

He advised the young patriots to keep faith, trust and confidence with NPP and the government amidst the prevailing challenges and eschew in-fighting, animosity, back-biting and acrimony as such tendencies could potentially affect the ability of the party to break eight years of political party rule.

Dr Prempeh charged mem­bers of TESCON not to have a divided mind about Election 2024 since it was better to be the gar­den boy of the ruling party than to be the landlord of the opposi­tion party and being in opposition was a “curse”.

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