Happy Mother’s Day!!!

 Mother’s Day is annually celebrated on the second Sunday of May, meaning that this year’s celebration falls tomorrow.

As it is already known, it is a celebration of how much mothers and mother figures have sacrificed for their children.

Therefore, conversely, we can say it is a day people express in various ways their appreciation to mothers.

A huge “Congratulations” to mothers in advance on their special day.

Our compliment is not to just mothers but women who have touched the lives of their own children or those of others.

The life stories of some people would tell you that but for their grandmothers, some aunts, some women in their neighborhood, their friends’ mothers and even their own sisters, life would have been something unpleasant for them.

These are the mothers we want to join the rest of the world to celebrate.

We know today being the eve of the day, those who wish to celebrate mothers have already planned all they wish to do.

The messages, the outings, the parties, the gifts and all other relevant things, some of which will be surprises to the mothers, have been planned and ready to be de­livered tomorrow.

We encourage those cele­brating mothers to go ahead and “spoil them” tomorrow but be careful the celebration will not turn sour in any way.

Do not force them to do anything beyond their strength.

Those taking mothers out must be careful on the road and at the venues of celebra­tion.

To celebrate someone means that person is pre­cious and so we need these precious gifts of nature to be around till the full terms of their lives when we can turn our mourning into the biggest celebration.

Every mother is a woman but a responsible one at that and not necessarily a rich one.

Women play greater role in child upbringing and what that means is that most of the behaviours in society, good or bad, can be attribut­ed to the actions or inaction of mothers.

But are they to be blamed? In most of the cases they cannot be blamed because things go beyond their con­trol.

Therefore, as we celebrate mothers, we should think of all women and the hardships they go through as they try to take care of their families while contributing to national development.

Taking the Ghanaian context, we can say most Ghanaian women are smart­ing under the hardships in the country to the extent that even though they have the motherly love and are respon­sible, they lack the where­withal to actualise this love to their children.

This is a clear situation that can make some children go wayward and have a negative view of their mothers and take away the desire to cele­brate such mothers.

We are aware there are certain initiatives to empow­er women economically for them to lead meaningful lives, but how many of them bene­fit from such initiatives?

It is about time the gov­ernment widened the scope of such initiatives for more vulnerable women to benefit from them.

While we say this, we also wish to remind women in privileged positions who shortchange or show disdain to the vulnerable ones to stop forthwith.

Once again, we say “Con­gratulations!!” to all mothers and mother figures. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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