Eschew notion govts responsible for job creation – Youth admonished

Professor Samuel Kwaku Bonsu, Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), has admonished the youth to eschew the notion of self-entitlement which makes them believe that governments ought to create jobs for them at all cost.

“The business of the state is simply to ensure that there is an enabling environment for many employment opportunities to be created for persons seeking employment but not solely responsible to create jobs for them,” he asserted.

According to him, there were pragmatic examples of developed nations around the world which supports his strongly held views that governments business was not to create jobs but create the enabling environment for the youth to either create jobs or find jobs themselves.

Prof. Bonsu maintained that governments do not owe anybody a job, really nobody owed anybody a job, it was up to people as individuals looking for jobs to find them or create them and was in disagreement with politicians who had the penchant to promise jobs for the youth in political party manifestos and at campaign rallies.

Prof. Bonsu insisted that he would not promise anybody a job because it was not anybody’s role to promise jobs including successive governments but to create the enabling environment for the citizenry to either look for jobs or create them.

“I am not going to promise anybody a job because I do not think it is anybody’s role to promise anybody a job and it is not governments’ role to create these jobs but the responsible of individuals,” he pointed out even though governments have come under intense pressure to tackle issue of unemployment which could be national security crisis in the near future.

“The role of policy makers is to be prudent and pragmatic by adopting measures that will create sustainable jobs for the youth,” Prof. Bonsu said.

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