Easter fire safety campaign laudable

Since the discovery and domestication of fire, hu­mans have come to accept, through painful experiences, that much as fire is a friend, it could also a foe if not handled with care.

From the stone ages to the era of artificial intelligence, fire has brought light, warmth to mankind and aided in cooking, manufacturing, and even burn­ing waste.

In a manifestation of the saying that ‘fire is a good servant but a bad master’ there are countless examples of how fire outbreaks have destroyed prop­erty worth millions of cedis and lives in some cases.

That is why, today, the Ghana­ian Times is patting the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) on the back, for rolling out an Easter Fire safety Campaign as part of its efforts to avert fire outbreaks during festive season.

Although this is not the first time that the GNFS is imple­menting fire safety campaigns, it is usually held during Christmas time hence our contentment and commendation.

According to story on the launch, Assistant Chief Fire Officer Grade One, (ACFOI) Roberta Ghanson, the Accra Regional Fire Commander says the campaign is to create public awareness about fire safety.

She is reported to have urged the public to adhere to fire safety protocols, prevention practice and regulations, during the Easter festivities, to help minimise undesired fires which destroy lives and properties in the country.

“Fire Safety is a shared responsibility, we believe that a collaborative effort today and years to come will go a long way to help reduce the incidence of fire outbreaks and accidents,” she said.

We agree with her that stake­holders must play their roles to avert undesired fires given that, the impact of such fires are harrowing.

We recalled that a fortnight ago, Ghanaians witnessed on mainstream and social media how, Kejetia Market traders had to dangle down ropes in order to escape the fire that gutted the facility.

From the devastation caused, it will take years for such traders to recover their capital they had invested in their business with rippling effect on their families and loved ones who depend on them to survive.

In the current economic situation in the country, it is pertinent now, more than ever before, to be proactive when it comes to issues of fire out­breaks in order to save hard earned money and businesses.

It is worrying that domes­tic fires are said to lead in all reported incidents in the last 10 years according to a trend analysis of fire statistics by the GNFS.

It revealed that out of the 59,933 fire outbreaks reported between 2013 and 2022, domes­tic fires were 23,394, represent­ing 39 per cent of the figure.

These figures should be of concern to all and must motivate all stakeholders to support the Fire service to achieve its objectives as they are to our own benefit as citizens.

It is our hope that all our cherish readers and indeed all Ghanaians will stay safe and enjoy the Easter festivities

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