Change the narratives in your literary works – Carlyle Brown

American playwright, Carlyle Brown, has advocated for literary writers to change the narrative of stories conveyed in their literary works since they were the only mouthpiece who could tell cultural and historical events of the country to the world.

Speaking at a five-day workshop organised by the National Theatre to train artistes to improve their dramatic art, Carlyle Brown explained that in drama, narrating stories to suit one’s cultural heritage was vital.

He regretted that most play writers tow the lines of foreigners and narrate foreign stories instead of their local content to their readers and watchers.

That he indicated, had made the citizenry embrace foreign culture while the foreigners courted different opinion about the African race.

The eminent Nigerian playwright and Lecturer, Professor Femi Osofisan established the need for writers to research more about their historical background to aid them in narrating their rich African stories.

He said writing about one’s history improves tourism and enhance integration which in turn boosts the economy.

Ms Amy Appiah Frimpong, Executive Director of National Theatre of Ghana thanked the giant playwrights for providing theatre practitioners of the country opportunity to learn the current trends within theatre production.

That she stated would enable them contribute to the development of the industry, adding that the workshop centered on the reading performance of Prof. Femi Osofisan’s latest work dubbed “Not all Canoes Sail.”

Ms Frimpong noted that the workshop refreshed writers with existing styles and equipped them with new techniques that enhanced their plays emotionally and psychological development of their audience 

She observed that Carlyle Brown and Chuck Mike took participants through the playwriting, acting and directing respectively. 


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