Calm returns to Abola after youth clashes

Calm has been restored at Abola near James Town, in Accra, following a clash between youth groups of the area, last Saturday.

On Saturday at about noon clash erupted between some youth reported to be wilding offence weapons, following the instalment of an acting chief in the area.

However, when the Ghanaian Times got to Abola yesterday, people were going about their normal duties.

There was heavy police presence from the Accra Regional Police Command, led by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Kwesi Ofori, the Commanding Officer in charge of Operations at the Command, apart from the present of personnel from the Formed Police Unit.

ACP Ofori told the Ghanaian Times  that the police would continue to be at the scene, to ensure peace and order.

 He urged the people in the area to use legitimate means to resolve issues instead of resorting to acts that could mar peace and security.

ACP Ofori cautioned that the police would deal with trouble makers.

In another development, the timely intervention of the police averted a near blood bath at Osu, Accra, on Saturday when two groups nearly clashed over who should carry a ‘god’ to parade the street.

The police fired tear gas to dispersed   the crowd, who were believed to be about 2,000.

The Ghanaian Times gathered that the police prevented the groups from going to the Osu Castle to perform rites and ritual carrying their god to the Osu Castle area.

The police dialogue with the groups and they dispersed from the area.

Calm has restored to the area and there was also police presence at the scene.


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