Bonfeh cautions parties discussing IPAC meetings in public

The General Secretary of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), James Kwabena Bonfeh, has cautioned political parties to desist from discussing issues of Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meetings in public.

According to him, it was wrong to discuss what transpired at IPAC and explained that the Electoral Commission was not an autonomous institution that could do anything that would undermine the activities of the various political parties especially at IPAC levels.

“Let us gear towards finding lasting solution to our challenges  than to prove arrogant about our knowledge of them,  it doesn’t help anybody since the commission is not above the law and if it makes mistakes the law will always take its cause,  why the worry?

“We are governed by laws in this country, if anyone thinks somebody is doing something wrong, all the person needs to do is to apply the law because sometimes the noise we create over petty issues are unnecessary as political parties, because taking the EC to court is nothing new in this country, some of the issues are not necessary to debate in public.

 “If you ask, me I will say, we made progress in that meeting even though there were some issues raised which needed to be resolved, I want to believe that we made progress, it is not everything that should be brought outside, we all have one Ghana and if we are finding solution for our country, it should not be in a public debate form,” Mr Bonfeh lamented. –peacefmonline.com

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