Ghanaians advised to patronise herbal clinics

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Greenfield Scientific Herbal Clinic, Dr Bright Okoh, has urged Ghanaians to use herbal medicine as their number one choice for curing illnesses in the country.

According to Dr Okoh, the herbal medicine industry in the country has developed over the years and providing quality health care comparable to hospitals and clinics offering orthodox treatments.

“We need to use our herbs and other available natural products to cure diseases and reduce the over reliance on orthodox medicines,” he stated in an interview with Ghanaian Times recently.

He said most local herbal clinics can also diagnose and offer the right medications to patients and therefore advised Ghanaians to take advantage of such clinics.

“ Admittedly, there are traditional health practitioners on the streets and in buses offering medications without proper diagnosis, but there are still reliable and established herbal clinics offering good services,” he stated.

“I would also urge all Ghanaians to take good care of themselves by eating well and exercising to remain healthy,” he added.

He said the country would develop if citizens remain healthy and carry out their activities regularly and efficiently.

He also advised the public to seek immediate health care at hospitals or health facilities and desist from self medication.

Greenfield Scientific Herbal Clinic, he said, was committed to offering quality and affordable health care to the public over a decade now.

“As the clinic celebrates 10 years of providing quality health care, we would continue to assist people in communities and beyond to treat several illnesses from infertility to bone settings,” he stressed.

He said, the clinic would soon come out with initiatives to ensure that Ghanaians stay healthy, while taking on social interventions like providing support for women within the community to start businesses.

According to him, the clinic, which produce Agyenkwa Garlic Plus, a dietary supplement has won several awards in the past including the Best Herbal Clinic during the recently held Ghana National Herbal Awards in Kumasi.

Other awards include, the Most Promising Scientific Herbal Centre of the Year in 2017, Bone Setting Specialist of the Year, Best Herbal Public Healthcare Clinic of the Year and Product of the Year (Agyenkwa Garlic Bitters).


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