Truth can resolve troubles in Ga state

The Akwashon Mantse of the Ga State, Nii Kwatei Kodjo II, has traced the troubles in the Ga State to untruthfulness.

He said if the ‘waring’ factions would be truthful to the history and succession plan of the Ga people, the state would see the much needed development the people so much desire and deserve.

The Ga State, since the demise of Nii Amugi II in 2004, has not seen a united front as different factions continue to claim ascension to the coveted throne.

Currently, two persons, Nii Adama Latse and Nii Taki Teiko Tsuru are haggling over the rightful ascension to the throne. Previously, three other persons, the late King Tachie Tawiah, known in privet life as Joe Blankson, Nii Tackie Obli II and one Ayitey Canada have all laid claim over the Ga stool.

Briefing the media after a meeting with the Ga Dzasetse and his elders in Accra on Thursday, Nii Kwatei Kodjo II, the spokesperson for the Asere Akwashontse said if all were to speak the truth, the Ga State would be an envy to many.

“We are having issues as a state because people are not speaking the truth. I am Akwashon and will never be Asrere Mantse and I should know that. So if there is vacancy in Asere for the Asere stool, I don’t have to go and fight for it.

“When you camouflage the truth, the end is chaos and this is what we are facing. Everybody is talking about truthfulness, unity, love but we are not doing anything about it. If we were all to speak the truth the Ga State would move forward,” Nii Kwatei Kodjo II said.  

According to Nii Kwatei Kodjo II, truthfulness is the blood that flows through the veins of every progressive society and that it was time persons who know the history of the Ga chieftaincy spoke the truth to unite the people and end the more than a decade turmoil in the state.  

He called for unity amongst the ‘warring’ factions within the Ga State for the progress and development of the state.

The lack of unity, Nii Kwatei Kodjo II said was drawing the state back from the needed development that its people so much desire and deserve.

“There is unity in strength so whatever we do, we must do it in unity, honesty and above all truthfulness. Normally we preach all these but do we actually go by them?  

“The tongue and the teeth even quarrels but they never separate. So it is up to us to understand that instead of the lip service we pay to unity, we must work with it. The truth and unity we need as a people to progress is long overdue,” he stated.

The future of the Ga State, he said was destined for greatness if everybody endeavoured to speak the truth and unite with a common purpose to push the state forward. 


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