Women sports leaders initiate campaign against coronavirus

Leaders of the various women in sports associations have initiated a campaign to educate women involved in sports about the dangers of the dreaded coronavirus and the need to respect the prescribed protocols to be safe.

At a meeting held last week to devise ways of getting their members to observe the announced protocols, the leaders acknowledged the threat the pandemic poses to people, especially women and sought to advise them to stay safe.

Present at the meeting were leaders from the various groups including the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) Women’s Commissioner for Sports, Mada, Elizabeth King, Women In Sports Association (WISA) leader, Madam Gloria Commodore and the Women Sports Association of Ghana (WOSPAG) led by Mr Joyce Mahama.

Speaking to the media, Madam Elizabeth King called on all sportsmen, especially the women and girls to practice the safety measures approved by the Ministry of Health (MoH) and Ghana Health Service (GHS).

Madam King who is also a member of the Federation of International Hockey (FIH) and vice president of the Ghana Hockey Association (GHA) said the situation was serious and has affected many lives.

He urged the women athletes especially to be cautious and go about their activities in a manner that will not endanger their lives.

Madam Gloria Commodore, president of WISA said apart from advising her fellow women in sports, her organization has also used social media platforms to spread the message of prevention to their members.

“On behalf of WISA, I wish that our women will be safety and go by the information given by health authorities. God have mercy on all of us, we are praying for all Ghanaian sportswomen, especially athletes based outside in Europe and the USA.

Mrs. Joyce Mahama, president of WOSPAG urged the female athletes not to panic, but go by the directives issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Ministry of Health (MOH).

“It is not what happens that matters; what matters is how we respond, that is important” she stressed.

Meanwhile, the president of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), Mr. Ben Nunoo Mensah says the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is hopeful of finding a solution for the next Olympic Games in Tokyo, in the face of the pandemic.

He also urged the women’s sports groups and associations to come together and fight the common enemy that has come out as the coronavirus.


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