Tse Nyonmo Kojo II of Kokrobite petitions IGP over insecurity

Tse Nyonmo Kojo II of the Ehipi Kojo family, Kokrobite Accra, has petitioned the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr George AkuffoDampare, to beef up security in Kokrobite and reprimand trouble makers in the area, as some residents continue to suffer harassment from criminals.

It is recalled that on June 9, more than 15 persons were rushed to the Kokrobite Health Centre after suffering gunshot wounds during a misunderstanding between two factions in the area on the lifting of the ban on drumming.

The unfortunate incident also led to the death of one person.

Addressing a press conference at Kokrobite on Sunday, Tse Nyonmo Kojo II said since the day of the last shooting incident, there had not been tranquility in the area, adding that some residents now lived in fear as they did not know when the next attack would come.

He said he had personally suffered from attacks as some thieves broke into his home and made away with his valuables, including a laptop, some gold and cash.

He, therefore, called on authorities to ensure individuals who were arrested in connection with the June 9 shooting incident were dealt with in accordance of the law, to serve as a deterrent to others.

“We are for peace, we cherish the wellbeing of residents here and the prosperity of the Kokrobite area and its environs that is why we are always calling for peace and appealing to authorities to take security matters here more seriously and fish out all trouble makers,” he added.

Tse Nyonmo Kojo II also refuted claims by some people that the disturbances in the area were chieftaincy related, saying “the issues here have nothing to do with chieftaincy.”

According to him, the family and all well-meaning residents were ready to cooperate with security agencies to restore peace and order within the area.

He further stressed that all individuals who wanted to buy lands withinKokrobite, Langma and Tuba should endeavour to deal directly with the NiiArdeNkpa family to avoid any problems, as the NiiArdeNkpa family, were the real owners of those lands.

This, he said had already been confirmed by an Accra High court, when it entered judgment in favour of the NiiArdeNkpa family over the Plerno, Kokrobite, Langma and Tuba lands, all in Accra.

Also, he noted that Kokrobite needed to be free of all forms of disturbances as it was a tourist area which attracted many people to the serene beach environment of the area.


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