Volkswagen Virtus hits Ghanaian market

Volkswagen Ghana, a multinational automaker, has launched the Volkswagen Virtus in Ghana’s automotive market.

The locally-assembled vehicle in Ghana now stands alongside the lineup of vehicles assembled by the company in Ghana, which includes the Teramont, Tiguan Allspace, and T-Cross.

According to the company, the Virtus, part of the Polo lineup promises to elevate the driving experience for Ghanaian customers with its sleek design and advanced technology suitable for Ghanaian families.

With its blend of style, technology, and functionality, it said the Volkswagen Virtus was poised to make a significant impact in Ghana’s automotive landscape, catering to discerning drivers who demanded excellence in every aspect of their driving experience.

At the pre-launch event held on Tuesday in Accra, the CEO of Volkswagen Ghana, Jeffery J. O. Preprah, explained that one of the standout features of the Virtus was its striking exterior design, characterized by body-colored exterior mirror housings and door handles that contribute to a seamless and sophisticated look.

He brought attention to key features such as the wireless phone charger, touch screen interface, and the vehicle’s economical fuel consumption, all aligned with market demands and economic considerations..

He introduced the upcoming launch of the new Amarok, a robust pickup truck designed to cater for various needs, from heavy-duty work to family use, and the Tiguan Allspace, a versatile SUV packed with safety features, digital cockpit technology, and a powerful engine.

Reflecting on their journey, he highlighted Volkswagen’s resilience and determination over the years saying “We started in 2020, during the midst of COVID-19 times, but we didn’t give up. We continued with different products, from the Polo to the Passat, Amaroks, Tiguans, and many more.”

Understanding Ghana’s deep-rooted love for cars, the CEO emphasised Volkswagen’s commitment to delivering what customers truly desire, “We always want to engage our customers by giving you new products, by giving you what you want.” He said.

Mr Peprah expressed gratitude to all participants, promising a future filled with innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, adding that “Volkswagen Ghana’s vision is clear to lead the way in shaping Ghana’s automotive future and providing exceptional driving experiences for all.”

The Volkswagen Virtus he said was available in two-trim options, the Topline and the Highline offering customers the flexibility to choose a model that suited their preferences and needs.

The Managing Director of Volkswagen Group Africa, Martina Biene, explained that the Virtus assembled in Ghana by Ghanaians, emphasised the company’s commitment to local production and diversity.

Speaking about Volkswagen’s vision for Ghana, she expressed confidence in Ghana’s potential as an automotive hub in West Africa, emphasising the need for country to fully harness the opportunities presented by the automotive development policy to grow a thriving new car market, attract investment, and create more jobs.

Miss Biene, who is also the Chairperson of the company urged the government to implement outstanding policy elements to unlock the local market and facilitate trade with neighboring countries in West Africa.


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