Telecel Group completes agreement to acquire majority shares in Vodafone Ghana

 Vodafone Group Plc has completed the transfer of its 70 per cent majority shares in Voda­fone Ghana to the Telecel Group after successfully obtain­ing all the necessary regulatory approvals.

The approvals include the agreement of the Government of Ghana as a minority share­holder.

A joint statement issued by the two entities in Accra yesterday said, “This is the most recent major change for the Ghanaian telecommunica­tions company since 2008 when Vodafone Group Plc purchased a controlling interest in GTCL and established Vodafone Ghana.”

Telecel, a brand founded in 1986, is an Africa-focused telecommunication company operating primarily in Africa and converging telecommunication with fintech, e-commerce, and tech startups.

The completion of the agree­ment to acquire Vodafone Ghanaby Telecel Group, the statement said, presented an opportunity for further innovation and continued delivery of unparalleled services to Ghanaians.

“Operations of Vodafone Ghana and its three subsidiar­ies; National Communication Backbone Company Limited (Vodafone Wholesale), Vodafone Ghana Mobile Financial Services Limited (Vodafone Cash), and the Vodafone Ghana Foundation, will continue operations uninterrupt­ed while embracing exciting new possibilities,” the statement said.

‘This acquisition is a testa­ment to our enthusiasm and positive outlook for the Ghanaian market, which we view as a vital market with unlimited potential for digitalisation and innovation in Africa,” Malek Atrissi, Telecel Group’s COO, said.

“Telecel Group is eager to develop and bring forward-think­ing offerings to our subscribers, enterprises, and communities in Ghana. We look forward to a transformation journey of Voda­fone Ghana with the contribution and growth of its human capital,” he said.

The CEO of Vodafone Ghana, Patricia Obo-Nai, said, “Vodafone Ghana assures its customers and stakeholders of their unwavering commitment to continuity across all services and products”.

‘We are fully committed to de­livering excellence across all facets of the business and providing our customers with innovative prod­ucts and services. We embrace this change as an opportunity for us to explore new and exciting areas of growth,” she said.


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