Students urged to read extensively

The Eastern Regional President of the Ghana Association of Writers, Mr Stephen Sedofu, has encouraged students to take their studies seriously and read extensively to broaden their knowledge.

He said reading was the only way to excel in an examination, adding that, examination questions were set in the English language, which one has to read to understand before answering them.

“Taking interest in reading would build your vocabulary and make you pass your examination,” he said.

Mr Sedofu said this during a visit to the St. John Bosco Junior High School (JHS) to engage the pupils in reading, last Tuesday.

He indicated that the youth, nowadays, invested their time in activities that would not be beneficial to them and that prevented them from excelling during examinations, adding, “Make reading your habit and desist from spending much time on the internet and cell phones”.

For his part, a former staff of the Bank of Ghana, Mr Alex Asamoa-Bonti, who is also a writer, urged the students to eschew laziness and concentrate on their studies.

He noted that laziness did not pay, but consistent reading made one perfect and handicap-free when called upon.

“Desist from gossiping and invest your time in reading in order not to attract trouble for yourself,” he said.

A writer and a publisher, Mr Isaac Amano, also advised the students to be respectful and assist their parents at home, stressing, “That way, your parents would be proud and willing to provide all your needs, including reading materials.”


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