Spotify was down: what happened, when the music app returned, and more

Please don’t stop the music

If you’ve been having frustrating issues with Spotify today, you’re not alone – the music streaming service suffered a major outage, but fortunately most of the issues appear to have been resolved.

The outage hit most of Spotify’s major functions, including search, offline listening its browser-based web player. Users all over the world, including at TechRadar, also reported glitches that ranged from songs being skipped to broken connections with speakers like those from Sonos.

This led to a huge spike in reports at the website Down Detector, which peaked at around 5.40am PT / 12.40pm GMT. At their peak, the reports totaled around 20,000 in the US and just under 7,500 in the UK, which represents a significant outage. 

Fortunately, most of Spotify’s issues have now been resolved. While Spotify didn’t respond to our request for comment on the cause of the issues, the official Spotify Status Twitter account recently stated that “all clear! Thanks for your patience”.

This meant Spotify’s issues lasted for around three hours in total, a pretty significant period for the world’s most popular streaming service. That said, a few Spotify users are reporting on Twitter a few issues remain, including songs stopping halfway through playback. 

If you’re still experiencing Spotify problems, the streaming service suggests dropping a message on Twitter to its official SpotifyCares account for tech support.

12:50:32 – April 19, 2023

(Image credit: Twitter)
(Image credit: Twitter)

Spotify outage aren’t too common, but the streaming service did have some similar issues back in January. 

Fortunately, back then everything was back up and running in just over two hours – so if you’re in the middle of a long journey, there’s still hope that you’ll get some tunes before you get to your destination.

Spotify Status hasn’t yet sent out its standard “everything’s much better now” Tweet, so it looks like the issues are still ongoing – as confirmed by the fact that Spotify is now trending on Twitter with 667,000 tweets and counting.

12:39:23 – April 19, 2023

(Image credit: Down Detector)
(Image credit: Down Detector)

If you’re finding it difficult to play music on Spotify or generally use its app, you’re not alone – the website Down Detector is seeing a high number of reports from users from around the world that the streaming service isn’t working.

These reports are continuing to spike around the world, suggesting this isn’t a just an intermittent glitch. We’ll update this liveblog with any official news as soon as we hear back from OpenAI. 

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