This article uses data in the Quran in the light of the Theory of relativity to calculate the times of the occurrence of events in this physical world and the spiritual world respectively.

The first step is to test the validity of the Quranic data in the relativistic equation for time (see Fig 1). This was done in some previous article through substitutions followed by mathematical manipulations that ended in the velocity of body (man) tending towards the ultimate speed of light. Meaning that as material body approaches the ultimate speed of light it begins to behave according to Relativity.

Having passed that acid test criterion let me now proceed to using those some data about time to calculate time as measured in the spiritual world. The spiritual world is labelled as God’s reference frame, while the physical world is labelled as Human referenceframe (see Fig 1). But before proceeding to do the estimate let me throw some brief light on the existence of a spiritual world or ethereal world.An indication of the existence of an invisible body other than this physical body of our’s comes from the oft-encountered experience by medical men. For example, a man undergoing surgical operation all of a sudden saw his real self-separate from his body .On waking up from the effect of the chloroform; the patient was able to tell the surgeons all that they did to his body to their astonishment. Using religious terminologies the intangible body of the man that separated from the physical body is called Psyche by Greek Philosophers, Nafs in the Quran and Okrah in Twi. In the process of death it separates from the physical body and joins the spiritual world, where it is destined to abide.

Continuing from where I digressed the spiritual world is labelled as God’s reference frame and the physical world is labelled as Human reference frame. The frame of references is a very important concept in physics and simply means the point, be it physical or spiritual, where measurements are taken. An example of a physical frame of references is the laboratory. This concept discovered in this age is clearly visible in the following Quranic verse: ”And they demand on thee. (Muhammad) to hasten the punishment, but Allah will never break His promise. And verily a day with thy Lord is sometimes a thousand years according to your reckoning ”(Quran22:48). Thus the words” a day with thy Lord” means a day as measured in God’s reference frame. Similarly, the words ” is sometimes a thousand years of your reckoning, ”

means it is of thousand years duration as measured in the human references frame. We are used to thinking that a dayin the spiritual universe is the same as a day spent on earth and vice versa, which the Quran emphatically says no! This exactly is what relativity is all about that time is relative and not absolute and that it can be localised depending on where we are in the universe. In the second verse we read: ‘The Angels and the Spirits ascend to Him (God) in a day the measure of which is fifty thousand years (according to human estimates), so be patients with admirable patience. They see it (punishment) to be far off, but we see it to be nigh”(Quran 70:2-3)

The meaning is the same as Quran 22:48. The verse therefore means that while it takes Angels and Spirits just one day to ascend to God , thisone day is equivalents to fifty thousand years as estimated by human beings on earth.


The two sets of data are (1) A day in God’s frame corresponds to one thousand years in human frame.(2)A day in God’s frame corresponds  to fifty thousand years in the human frame . Convert the day and years respectively into seconds. To obtain the value of the number of seconds in the spiritual world that corresponds to one seconds in the physical world divide one day in seconds by one thousand years also in seconds. For the second set similarly divide one day in seconds by fifty thousand years in seconds. See table 1. In the third column of the table divide God’s by human’s. When we do so we have the two respective values of 0.0000000274 and 0.0000000005. In other words one second in this world corresponds to one microsecond in the spiritual world.(see table 1) The microsecond means that you divide one part by one million-  very small indeed. That is to say the rate at which natural processess take place in Heaven is of the order of microseconds – less than the twinkling of the eye.

Narrated by Hadrat Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him: Once the Prophet, onwhom be peace, was preaching while a Bedouin Arab (Desert Arab) was sitting there. He said that a man from amongst the people of Paradise will ask permission of his Lord (God) to enable him cultivate the land. Then Allah will say to him, ‘Are you not satisfied with all that I have given you?’ The man will say, ‘Yes my Lord I am satisfied, but I just love to cultivate the Land’. So the man will sow the seeds and within the twinkling of an eye the plants will grow and ripen and the yield will be harvested and piled in heaps like mountains. On that Allah will say, ‘This is for you, oh son of Adam, for noting satisfies you” (Bukhari.) Corn seeds growing, ripening, being harvested, and piled up like mountains in the twinkling of an eye?Incredible taking into consideration the fact that the same corn seeds sown in this world takes not less than three to six months to get ripe. Yet here you are with corn when sown get matured and ripe in the twinkling of an eye in the Hereafter according to the Prophet of Islam who is most truthful. Compared to our estimate of microsecond for events in the spiritual worlds, which falls within the twinkling of an eye , we are pretty close to the truth .


One second in this world corresponds to one micro second in the spiritual world. Glory be to Allah whose knowledge is as vast as the mighty ocean.

Khalid Kofi Ahmad

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