Police probe alleged killing of man at West Hills Mall

 The Ghana Police Ser­vice (GPS) says it has commenced investigations into an alleged incident in which a police personnel is said to have killed a man at West Hills Mall.

According to a statement posted on its social media handles, the GPS said its Professional Standard Bureau (PPSB) has contacted the woman in the viral video claiming to be a sister of the now deceased (Shadrack), to assist in investiga­tions.

“The attention of the Police Service has been drawn to a viral video in which a female who iden­tifies herself as Perpetual Didier alleges that the action of a Police Officer has caused the death of her brother.

“The Police Professional Standards Bureau (PPSB) has commenced investigation into the allegation and has contacted Madam Perpetual Didier to assist in the investigation,” the statement said.

Gospel musician, Perpetual Didier, alleged in a viral video that her brother was killed by some police personnel.

According to her, the incident happened at the West Hills Mall in Accra on January 30, 2022.

Dider said that her brother, only named Shadrach, was brutally assaulted by uniformed policemen, leading to his untimely death.

“Someone should tag the IGP. I need justice for my brother. Tell him that this is a crime one of his men has done to my family by killing my brother. We are all Ghanaians with equal rights and freedom. Why will you use your position to take someone’s life?” she said in her Facebook Live video, amid tears.

According to Dider, the brother (the deceased) had gone to the West Hills Mall to withdraw

money in order to purchase items intended to be sent to his sister in Germany.

The gospel musician said that, from what an eyewitness told her, the police demanded that her brother hand over his bag to be searched, but he refused.

This according to Dider, made the police personnel agitated and he hit and pushed him to the ground.

She said that her brother fell to the ground and the police hit his head, breaking his neck in the process.

Dider said the brother lost consciousness, at which time the police personnel taxed the mo­tionless man on the floor.

It is believed that this worsened the state of the young man, lead­ing to his death.


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