Play more Ghanaian music on airwaves-Forgyver

She is among the few reggae-dancehall artistes in the Ghanaian music industry with over 20 songs to her credit.


Despite the challenges, most up-and-coming artistes are confronted with trying to compose songs with the already popular singers in the music industry, Forgyver Kemmy has braved all the odds to become the first African to be featured on popular USA based musician and producer, Unyke’s much talked about album.

Known in real life as Chelsy Alevi, the songstress who has also featured in a couple of Ghanaian movies is gradually becoming a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry arena.

Speaking exclusively to Times Weekend (TW) in Accra on Thursday, Forgyver revealed that she would leave no stone unturned as she journeys to the top.


TW: You are looking all bubbly today, want to share with us the secret?

 Forgyver: (Smiles) Oh! I don’t even know why, I just feel very happy today.

TW: That’s good to know. You have been in the music business for more than a decade now, how has the journey been?

Forgyver: It has not been easy but I cannot complain because I am passionate about music, my only worry is the way our airwaves are filled with foreign content. I am pleading with the various media houses to focus more on Ghanaian content so that together, we can sell Ghana to the rest of the world using the creative arts.

TW: I totally agree with you. It is very important we give our local musicians all the space they need to explore their talent. Let us talk about the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), as a dancehall musician, what do you say about all that transpired between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy which is now history?

Forgyver: I was totally dismayed by what happened that night. But I cannot blame them. All of us are to blame because we saw it coming and never tried to prevent it, rather, we made fun of them whenever the two were being trolled on social media. The most important thing out of this whole ‘brouhaha’ is that, the duo have mended their fences and I am happy about that. I strongly believe that unity is all we need to make the industry triumph.

TW: You are right, peace is all that matters.  How was growing up like?

Forgyver (Sighs) growing up was not easy for me at all especially growing up in a polygamous home. I remembered trading blows with my own Dad for the simple reason that I could not afford seeing him abusing my mother almost constantly. I spent most of my time on the farm and during my ‘free’ time, I go hawking, selling anything from ice water to biscuits, sweets you name it. I thank God for how far he has brought me. Through it all, I have never given up.

TW: Indeed, there is light at the end of the tunnel, giving up should not be an option. Do you find people sometimes judge you by your appearance?

Forgyver: (laughs), all the time. Some even say I look like an armed robber!

TW: That is funny!Unyke has featured you on his much anticipated album, how does that make you feel, considering the fact that you are the first African to be featured by such a well-known international music brand.

Forgyver: I feel honoured. In fact, I don’t have the right words to describe how I feel about this; all I can say is that I will keep making Ghana and Africa proud.

TW: We are also proud of you.

Forgyver: Thank you.

TW: What inspires you the most in this world?

Forgyver: My mum! She is my rock. I love you so much mummy.

TW: Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Forgyver: Paris and Canada.

TW: When next you go on holidays, please don’t leave me behind!

Forgyver: (laughs). I will not!

TW: Who is your favourite Ghanaian entertainer?

Forgyver: Comedian is my all time favourite.

TW: Wow! That guy is really a rib cracker. He is a gifted comedian. If you get the opportunity to meet the President today, what will you tell him?

Forgyver: I will urge him to continue with the good work and create more jobs for the youth.

TW: Finally, what message do you have for your fans?

Forgyver: I love you all for the love you keep showing me. I will not disappoint you. Watch out for my new album, it is a mega one.

TW: Thank you Forgyver for your time.

Forgyver: You are welcome.


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