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Make me a star TV reality show, aimed at outlining the challenges and disappointments most upcoming artists, actors and models not excluding celebrities faced in their quest for stardom is currently trending on local and cable television stations.

 It tends to highlight behind the scenes flaws of the stars we see on screens so as to enable potential talents to affirm their choices in which field in the entertainment industry they wish to join. 

Eben Yelson Amanyoh (DS De Golden Bhoy – Afro Beat, HipHop Musician and Actor) told Times Weekend that he is playing a major role as an artiste manager, and event organiser in the Make Me a Star TV series where he is down to play the reality of what really happens pertaining to artiste – manager relationship and event organisation.

He indicated that the show was created by Khris Ubah, written by Khris Ubah and Innocent Anoke and directed initially by Aondohemba Orya.

“As an entertainment programme, it has the fun aspect of it, but it also has more educating insights for the youths and the general public to learn from as regards to the stigma that surrounds virtually every scene actor and ost importantly filmmakers as being bad eggs.” he said.

“Of course  it reveals the fake lifestyles of most actors generally as well as highlights the fakeness of most production houses and filmmakers so as to enable upcoming actors and models or entertainers to be mindful of the signs of the these dangers like coning, sex for role, unnecessary audition charges.”

Currently airing on DSTV Channel 277 via  Metro TV every Wednesday and repeats every Friday, he explained that majority of our casts are basically upcoming artiste and thus it becomes a platform for them to showcase their talents.

“We have got lots of musicians in the play right from the first shoot till date and we ensure we add their songs alongside as the soundtrack”, he added.

The hip-hop musician and actor appealed to the government to come to the aid of the dying movie industry to remain afloat locally and internationally.

By Norman Cooper

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