Philanthropist donates assorted items to Chosen Children’s Home

 A philanthropist, Blessing Kwabena Asirifi on Tuesday donated as­sorted items worth GH¢4,000 and cash to Chosen Children’s Home at Darkuma in Accra.

The items included bags of rice, cooking oil, spaghetti, biscuits, drinks, soaps, detergents, toiletries, sanitary items and clothes.

Presenting the items to the orphanage, Mr Asirifi said the donation formed part of the cele­bration of his birthday to celebrate with the children.

He said the wellbeing of chil­dren were at his heart and believed the items would help relieve the pressure on the management of the Home.

“It is sad to come across people (especially kids) who have lost their parents and do not experience parental warmth, therefore getting close to them, showing them affection, and putting smiles on their faces make them feel loved,” he added.

Mr Asirifi who’s also a presenter with an Accra based radio station, stressed that part of his job was to bring happiness to every person within the sound of his voice add­ing that, even though he had been embarking on such worthy causes, he’s determined to donate to more homes in the coming years.

The Manager of the Home, Ms Felicity Ali expressed gratitude to the presenter for the gesture saying, the items would go a long way to improve upon the wellbeing of the children in their care.

She said the Home, also one of the important wings of the Chosen Foundation was established out of the female rehab center.

According to her, it became apparently necessary to establish the center to take care of children of female addicts and also children who were found loitering in the ghettoes because their parents were either addicts or just children who had been abandoned.

Ms Ali said the children num­bering about 48 now were being catered for with the help of philan­thropists and called on govern­ment to at least create some fund as part of its budget to support orphanage homes in the country.


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