Osu Kinkawe Dzaase dismiss its Osiahene

The Osu Kinkawe Dzaase, Nii Saban Atsen  VIII has dismissed Ishmeal Nortey Adumua has its Osiahene.

The dismissal, according to a statement copied to the Ghanaian Times in Accra and signed by the Nadu and  Klottey Wulomo Nuumo Noi Osikan III,  KinkaweDzaasetseNiiSabanAtsen  VIII and  Ashinte Dzaasetse Nii Nortey Otuttutse followed his repeated acts deemed to be subversive to the Osu Stool.

The statement further asked the general public to avoid dealing with him in any matter relating to the Osu stool, adding that persons that deals with him does that at their own risk.

Meanwhile, the statement urged Ghanaians to ignore any report indicating that a new seal had been introduced for the Osu stool.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the seal of the Osu remained the same and there had neither been any discussions on the introduction of a new seal nor the contemplation or launch of a new seal for Osu,” it  said.

It said Mr Adumuah on June 21, 2022, together with his family head, superintended over an unauthorised launch of a strange seal for the Osu stool.

It said the “so-called seal” was neither proposed nor authorised by the Osu Stool Dzaase.

The letter said “you have overstepped your bounds as Osiahene whose role is only restricted to the OsuMantse stool room and arrogated to yourself, powers you do not possess. These acts have the potential to bring the Osu stool into disrepute and public ridicule and also affect the peace and security in Osu.

“The Osu Kinkawe Dzaase led by NiiSabanAtsen VII  (Dzaasetse) has therefore decided to revoke your  letter of appointment as Osiahene of OsuKinkawe dated April 19, 2021.You are hereby notified  of your  dismissal  with immediate  effect  and advised  to cease, henceforth  from holding yourself as such in your own interest.”


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