New year, old realities: How will the transformation we are waiting for ever happen? (2)

God is real and we must take him seriously; not with myste­rious complex­ity that benefits only those who claim to have a sort of exclusive access to him; in a manner that the rest of us need such middle men to help us know God; then the pounce on us and exploit. No!

God is not far from any of us. According to the Bible, If only we will remove our selfishness and sins out of the way, we can each reach his gracious goodness and benefit from his daily mercies like our Neighbours benefit from our greetings each morning. “Good morning my Neighbour!”

For those of us who insist to be Christians let’s be reminded that following Jesus is a practically relevant application of faith. So we should stop playing the hypocrite and become courageous enough to obey what the Bible teaches us about diligence in our work places. Godliness is the secular space is a spiritual act of worship!

Christians in the civil service must honour our Lord by going to work on time, delivering on our work place responsibilities and avoid the numerous “mini corruption” that has become so normal in the public service. This is what spiritual morality involves. let’s translate our loud, if not noisy, Christianity into tangible work place morality! A Christian must have an excellent spirit; including honesty and competence at the work place. Otherwise let’s stop making the noise with our numer­ous prayer meetings and “miracle” and magic services. Let’s not give the devil a chance to ridicule our Lord. This year, let’s demonstrate our spirituality in concrete terms by astute competence at work. Prepare your work plan, schedule your daily activities and execute them the best you can, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our faith not just about speaking in tongues or play­ing HillSong worship in the office. It’s practical godliness! Let us stop blaming “the system”, and do our work well. We are the system! Of course, our superiors also have the responsibility to ensure that we have the tools to do our jobs and if the tools are not available we have to demand until they are available.

Unless we do something that works, we are not making use of the power of God in our lives. All the declarations we made on 31st Night will come to nothing if we only sit in our offices, give excuses and go to the bank moon-die to pocket state funds, in the name of due wages. If we claim our salaries are meager, we should also honestly ask ourselves, what did we tangibly do to deserve it, anyway?

Others can attend to public service without a strong sense of personal accountability, but a well meaning Christian sees public ser­vice as one of the sacred opportu­nities to serve the Lord Jesus. He is the Master Public Servant and we are walking in his steps! So let every Tom Dick and Harry who names the name of Christ stand up and be counted!

If we stop our lip service to the Lord, humbly repent and patiently and faithfully do our solemn duties in the civil and public service, the King of kings will be honoured and he will bless us with economic revival.

As for the massively corrupt lead­ers we have who are messing up the system and making things difficult for the little ones, we have to think hard about how to handle them; be­cause many of them also claim to be spiritual people o. Spiritual morality and political corruption are not bed fellows. Sometimes it is perhaps be­cause these corrupt leader also have people who patronize them and some of us are in that small corner, benefiting from a certain big man in our church, family or home town association.

It is our spiritual duty to eco­nomically dissociate from corrupt money. We may eat the crumbs that fall from their tables but we can’t sit with them to drink the blood of the poor!

The churches that accommodate these rich corrupt leaders, including business magnates who can neither be said to have clean hands nor repentant hearts, must change their ways. Christian business leaders should repent from conniving with godless politicians to rip off our national resources. Too many such businessmen are hiding in the church. They pay bribes to win contracts, hire laborers and refuse to pay them what they deserve, agree to serve as conduit for siphoning national assets into private pockets and come into the church with big tithes and offerings to receive fame and glory. We must repent!

Things can change. We should not allow Satan to win. Let’s be courageous in righ­teousness!

On the social front, many Christian homes are breaking down because of pressure. Couples are divorcing, chil­dren are running away, teens are committing fornication and house-helps and servants are abusing and being abused. Where are our family stan­dards? Has the freedom of human rights distorted our moral virtues?

Human rights should mean human beings must do what is right not that human beings have a right to do anything. Deceptive intelligence, evil psychology and philosophies are distorting our socio-moral and cultural fabric.

Are we willing to change this? All things are possible to him who believes!

Productivity Machine

Towards the end of last year very useful ideas were shared by many notable people, regarding what our problems are as a country and how we can solve it. There are many more such ideas we must systematically document, integrate and opera­tional construct into a produc­tivity machine engineered by competent thoughtfulness.

Much has been said about the needed resolution of a common long term national development programming transcending partisan politics and the useful partisan mani­festos by which our politicians lobby the electorate for governance rights. We need to bring this to a head and judge the way we have to go; and go the way!

Some have emphasized the need of an honest decentralization Pro­gramme that provides a reflective frame for recognizing rights, sharing responsibilities and allocating resources in equity to our regions districts and communities so that local development becomes the hub for national development projects instead of the current top- down approach which has numerous in­centives for unrestrained corruption.

It is quite obvious that our ac­countability systems are not being well resourced to help us. The OSP has openly said that we don’t seem to be really willing to fight corrup­tion. That’s an important matter to warrant a moral emergency. But who cares?! Corruption at the district level is a big matter. Some of us may have become so discouraged as to even assert that the canker is in the melanin! I don’t believe this, though.

OSP says that more than 60% of people fear retaliation if they report corruption! We must deeply interro­gate why this is so; and actively solve it. Our churches should get up and lead this fight. It is a moral issue and the church is the major leader here. If we are failing against corruption, I dare say our churches might be failing us. Corruption is a huge deficit in the productivity machine. It’s a hole we must plug otherwise our engine oil will keep leaking and our machine can never run efficient­ly. We cant keep fetching water into a basket and expect to have it filled. Only insanity does that. No wonder Dr Yaw Perbi describes Ghana as a mad man. I don’t think we are mad, if madness is irreversible; because we can change things!

A productive machine is one whose various components work efficiently. A car has an average of thirty thousand parts. Each must work efficiently for opti­mal performance. The human body has thirty trillion cells, if one becomes cancerous, the whole body is far all threatened. Efficient machines have effi­cient individual parts. We must go to work to make each and every local community, in deed every household, economically efficient. We can build citizens’ capacity by strategically empow­ering the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) and supporting local churches to systematically educate citizens and their members on efficient work ethics. Just like the sprites tan Work Ethic was significant in fashioning the diligence discipline and frugality of the West, we can develop a contextualised godly competence that could bring the transformation we need.

An efficient productivity machine must be holistic and comprehensive. Every relevant bit must be addressed. The temp­tation to gloss over the gross is the pathway to mediocrity. That’s where we have had some difficul­ty as a country. We like big thinks to happen a big way; almost suddenly.

We seem to be very interested in ‘miracles’; that although we don’t work hard for what we need, some way somehow we will get it. This is not human. This mind posture also manifests in the entitlement attitude, where every family member thinks he has a right to the wealth of that one hard working family member who must distribute everything to everybody if he doesn’t want a bad name. Looks like our young people want quick big money; and our old people want to control everything. But we must learn how to appreciate the aggrega­tion of pieces into the whole. We must not abuse our high sense of community by losing our sense of individual responsibility. We need each other but we must not take advantage of one another. The other extreme is the atomization that has eaten up others in dif­ferent cultures until they now, in some places, have to import other human beings to keep their soci­eties alive. Extreme self-depen­dence can produce self-centered, selfishness and self-destruction. They have lost their functional use of community, traded it in the market of self-ability to acquire the self-reliance that leads to self­ishness and self-destruction.

If we take God, really seriously, his Wisdom will guide us in the right path.


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