Mosques must not only be place of worship – Imam Abdul-Rahaman

The Imam of the Sakumono Branch of the Ghana Muslim Mission (GMM), Zakaria Abdul-Rahaman, has expressed the need for Muslims to strategise to make the mosques (Masjid) a centre of civilisation and not only a place of worship.

He gave an historical account of Islam and urged Muslims to emulate the Holy Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon Him) who established mosques to play a key role in civilisation.

“Mosques play key role in the life of a Muslim, not just a place we only go to offer our five daily prayers.”

The mosque is a place of hope for the destitute, needy and poor, stranded people and place to inculcate moral values on people who have gone astray to bring them on the path of righteousness,” Imam Abdul-Rahaman said.

The Sakumuno Branch Imam of the GMM was addressing the monthly congregation of the GMM at its headquarters at Korle-Gonno, a suburb of Accra.

It was on a theme “The role of mosques and its relevance to social development of a Muslim.”

He explained that the Masjid, which was derived from the Arabic word “Sujud” to wit prostration, acts of worship to Allah (God).

The Imam reminded Muslims that during the early stages of Islam, the Holy Prophet and his followers were not allowed to worship in public, adding that it was only after 13 years when he migrated to Medinah from Mecca that he had the opportunity to build a Mosques, which then served as a centre for Muslim civilisation. 

Imam Abdul-Rahamanurged Muslims not to only build mosques as place for offering of five daily places but to emulate the Holy Prophet by adding facilities like rehabilitation centres for deviants, skills training centre, schools, counselling centresand other livelihood and economic empowerment facilities.

He said the Zakat which represents 2.5 per cent of the annual earnings of a Muslim, being compulsory on Muslims, must be channelled into provision of social service attached to mosques to empower Muslims to contribute to national development.

Imam Abdul-Rahaman said the establishment of rehabilitation centres attached to the Mosque would help to re-orient the minds of wayward children and inculcate in them the fear of Allah to speed up their rehabilitation and transformation.

The GMM is an Islamic organisation formed by some Ghanaian Muslims in 1957. It is not sectarian, non-tribal,and non-political Islamic religious organisation.

The mission undertakes a number of projects in the educational, social, health, and economic activities to empower it membership towards poverty alleviation, apart from the spiritual needs of its followers.

By Salifu Abdul-Rahaman

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