MCs tasked to ensure application of COVID-19 Protocols

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has urged all Match Commissioners (MCs) to ensure that Club Safety and Security Officers (CSSO) outline their plans for executing all the COVID-19 match-day protocols.

In a circular sent to all Match Commissioners in the Premier, Division One and Women’s League leagues by the GFA, it urged them to ensure that the Club Safety and Security Officers were identified at the Pre Match Technical (Coordinators) meeting.

According to the circular, they must inform the meeting of the exact plans put in place to ensure the GFA COVID-19 match-day protocols.

It added that all home clubs must not exceed 20 per cent of the capacity of each stand of the park/stadium, with no gathering at one stand.

According to the circular, Match Commissioners must insist that home clubs provide stewards to work with the CSSOs to ensure that fans comply strictly with the wearing of marks; social distancing by leaving two spaces in between two spectators.

It said home clubs who fail to comply with the directives would bear the consequences, firstly on the club and then on the entire football industry losing the permission to play football.

It said Match Commissioners must indicate in their report about whether there was compliance with the GFA COVID-19 protocols or any violations thereof.

“Failure to report on this would lead to you losing your allowance as well as facing other sanctions eg – not getting another match.” it stated. –GNA

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