Kokrobite residents want roads fixed

residents of Kokrobite in the Greater Accra Region have complained about the stress on their economic activities as a result of their bad roads and have appealed to the government to repair them.
According to them, roads in the area were full of potholes and this made drivers especially, commercial ones often try to dodge, putting the lives of pedestrians and passengers in danger.
They noted that movement on the roads were extremely difficult and dangerous especially as the roads become muddy and slippery anytime it rains.
Aunty Naa Atwawaa, a fruit seller, told the Ghanaian Times that her wares always got dirty and she had to wash them several times before she could attract buyers because of the dust from the road, and lamented that they inhaled the dust leading to most of them getting respiratory problems, especially flu.
Many artists, hoteliers and fisherfolk in the community also told the Ghanaian Times that the deplorable state of roads in the area had rendered their businesses in distress as economic activities had slowed down because of the difficulty of their clients to access them.
Particularly for the hoteliers, they raised concerns that their hotels were not mostly patronised because of the bad roads, rendering most of the hotels in the community deserted.
They, however, indicated that while the use of motorcycles was high in the area, fares were mostly increased particularly for people transporting their wares.
“What bother us in this community are the bad roads and because of that drivers double the fares for us as their cars get faulty after a journey on the road. A few people use motorcycles because of the fear in using them,” Naa Adoley, a fish monger told Ghanaian Times.
She lamented that she and others most of the time ended up with stale fishes because they could not pay the fares to get their fishes to their customers, and this had made their customers resort to other fish mongers.
Mama Tee, a resident said the road had been the same for over 13 years of residing in the vicinity.
She noted that cars had to park when it rained heavily till it subsided before they could continue with their journeys.
Mama Tee also stated it was more disheartening when they had health emergencies.
“When it is raining heavily drivers have to park their cars and wait till it subsides, and we struggle to get to the hospital when there are health emergencies,” she said, adding that numerous skeletal promises had been made, she called on government to fix the roads to end their distress.
Similarly, some other residents called on politicians and the Assembly to fulfil numerous promises made to fix the roads in the area for them as it was distressing their lives and source of livelihood.


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