Installation of a new Imam at Kwadaso Asantenkramom

On the 4th December, 2022 Alhaji Abdur-Rahman Muhammad was installed as the new Imam of Kwadaso Asanten­kramom- a suburb of Kumasi. He succeeded his senior brother Mallam Yussif Muhammad who passed away on November 22, 2022.

The following is a brief histo­ry of the Kwadaso Immate. The Asantenkramom people (Suame and Kwadaso) were originally settled at Dominase in the Adum area of Kumasi. The Suame branch were re­located to Suame, while the Kwadaso branch were relocated to the site of the old Kwadaso sited at the location of the New Kwadaso Estate (Abu, Rasamu). That was around the 1890’s and the first Imam was Mallam Alhassan, popularly called Kramoh Losina.

He was quite learnt in the Islamic sciences; hence used to teach Islamic knowledge and the Arabic language to the community and students. His wife was EnoMaimuna. The follow­ing are the names of his offspring: Abdul Mumin (Papa Mumuni), Alhaji Muhammad (Alhaj Maame), Idriss (Papa Iddiisa), Hawa (Maame Hawa), Maimuna (Maame Menama), Fatima (Maame Fatimata of Abidjan. Imam Hassan (Losina) was also the father of Fatima (Maame Fatima­ta), the wife of Ankonam Ishaque (Siaka). He was also the father of Papa Abdullah, the shoe-maker at Kwadaso. Nana Abubakar (Abu) and his brother Nana Usman (Ansoma­na) were taught by Alhassan during his Imamship, when he passed away Alahji Muhammad, his son become the next Imam. Being young at that time, the elders of the community appointed Nana Abubakar to act and lead prayers till the time when Muhammad reached maturity . That honour of being made the acting Imam was in recognition of the long services rendered by him and his brother to Usman to the deceased Imam.

In 1943 the community was relocat­ed by the Otumfuor Nana Agyeman Prempeh I from Old Kwadaso a bridge connecting the two towns. This was because the old site had been ear marked by the govern­ment for the construction of the Okomfo Anokye Hospital. At the new Kwadaso, the elders of the community allowed Abubakar to continue with the Imamship for the fact that he was very old at that time. When he became sick he handed over the Imamship to Mu­hammad who continued to lead them in prayers till the aged acting Imam passed away. Muhammad continued to lead prayers he also passed way in 1985.

His son Mallam Yussif Muham­mad, Succeeded to the Imamship till on November, 27,2022 he also passed away. On the 4th of December, the deceased Junior brother Alhaji Abdul Rahman was installed as the new Imam on the occasion of the funeral payers conducted by the Ashanti Regional Chief Imam- Abdul Mumin Harun.

The new Imam was born in 1955 at Kwadaso where he atended the Kwadaso SDA (Church) Primary School (1962- 1968). Then the Middle School Education at the Kwadaso L/A (1968-1980). Then at the T.L Ahmadiyya Secondary School, Ku­masi(1971-1978). Later he worked and studied at the same time.

After his return to Ghana he taught at the King Faisal J.H.S at Suame from 1996-1990. From 1991-1995 he was in Germany where he worked. In 1996 he returned to Ghana and taught once more at the king Faisal J.H.S at Suame. In 2000- 2004 he studied at the University of Education (Winneba), Kumasi Cam­pus and obtained a B.A. in education. From 2007-2011 he taught at the Islamic Senior High School, Kumasi (near Suame). From 2011-2018 he went back to the King Faisal and was made the Director of the school till retirement. On the occasion of his installation as the new Imam he delivered his address in German and translated it into Twi to the hearing of all.

The occasion was attended by a large number of personalities and people. The following are a few of them: Imam Abdul Mu’min­Harun, the Regional Chief Imam of Ashanti, He representative of the Kwadaso Chief (Okikro), the Chief Justice, the Kumasi High Court Judge, Ahmad Ben Bella (Retired Military Officer), Dr. Ya’kub Ahmad (Retired Medical Officer), the Deputy Regional Chief Imam, Hajia Maimuna, Hajia Maryam (NPP activists), Hajia Maryam (Accra), Donkor, Hassana, old students(­real Amass), the writer (A retired research scientists). Preaching was conducted by such veteran preachers as Mallam Abu Musah and Mallam Anas. The attendees, peculiarly the personalities donated generally to offset the expenses in cured for the prayers (Ado’a) .


Collection of the monies was carried out by Alhaji Ab­dur-Rahman and Alhaji Ishaque. The money realised was used in making 5,000 blocks. In 1991 they laid the foundation. Abdur-Rahman then travelled to Accra to solicit for assistance from Al-Muntada now called Iqrah – an Arab organisation, which gave them money to purchase cement and iron rods. Some few rich individuals were heavily levied, while Iqrah continued to help with assis­tance. It is currently a two-storied mosque with a ground floor and can accommodate1,500 worshippers.

It was in inaugurated in 2019.


A new Imam has been successfully installed at Kwadaso Asantenk­ramom. He is Alhaji Abdur- Rahman Muhammad (see fig 1).


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