Innovation is Necessary for Growth per Ian Prukner

It’s remarkable how much information is available online; however few people have the ability to apply that knowledge, stay motivated, and find true success. A great leader is always training their people and continues innovating in order to expand. They know what to specialize in, what their niche is, how to keep their organization motivated and what they are going to do better than anyone else. Entrepreneur and leadership coach Ian James Prukner, is always improving company culture and keeping the standards high for his teams. He has done an incredible job of consistently getting others to take action and in result has transformed the lives of thousands of people. He talks about his career and the importance of staying motivated.

Ian Prukner knows that one will not always be motivated, that’s why discipline is key. Prukner was a former pastor and today owner of Prukner and Associates PC, a leader in the personal finance space, real estate investor, author and coach. Through his work and philanthropic efforts, he has improved the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of people globally. Prukner found a way to stay motivated because of his unique vision of impacting millions of people during his lifetime. He says, “You need to develop a compelling vision for your life that is so significant that you won’t want to give up when times get tough.” Obstacles, and struggles will be inevitable. Look into serving something bigger than yourself, because that’s how you will be able to persevere and find happiness. Success without happiness will only leave you feeling empty inside. Happiness comes from helping others and not giving up on your mission.

Today, his legacy continues to expand as his impact grows daily through his businesses, seminars, and virtual events. According to Prukner: “Success is my moral responsibility. Leaving a legacy is most important to me, and I want to create success for millions of people while God continues to bless me with the opportunity to do so,” he adds.

He says that by getting emotionally involved with the image of success, and constantly visualizing what you want your future to look like, you can stay motivated for the long haul. Ian has become an impactful leader for many, as he has an innate ability to understand and influence people. It is a skill he has been mastering for years, and constantly improving. If you want to master something, you must make your actions habitual. To him, a person’s mindset is the most important factor in overcoming obstacles and setbacks. “The reason you can’t is the reason you must” concludes Ian Prukner.

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