Ghana Trade Fair Company holds 2nd edition of ‘the Pitch’

The Ghana Trade Fair Company (GTFC) has held the second edition of ‘the PITCH’, a side-event of the 23rd Ghana International Trade Fair as a way of boosting start-up entrepreneurs.

The PITCH is a business seminar which creates a platform to impart existing and aspiring start-ups with new business ideas to help them thrive in the business world.

This year’s edition was themed, ‘Starting a viable business: Do’s and don’ts’ with speakers like Bishop Gideon Titi- Ofei (President for Accra Business School), Madam Whitney Boakye-Mensah (CEO-InnorvationsWBM), Mr Maximus Ametorgoh (Managing Director for Popout Ghana) and Mr Ebenezer Abeku Onumah (Head, SME Mktg and Retail, Sunu Assurances) gracing the occasion.

Bishop Gideon Titi- Ofei, the main speaker for the event in his presentation, ‘The mind of a successful entrepreneur’, explained that there were three ways people used their minds. The first had to do with “worry”, the second, “thinking” and the third was “smart thinking”.

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“Your mind is the most powerful tool for success and there are three ways people use their minds; the first has to do with worry – using the mind to magnify your problems, the second is to think, which is using your mind to generate ideas and provide solutions. The third one is to think smart, and this is what separates leaders from followers.

Most people only use their minds to worry but I’ve never seen someone become successful just by worrying, he said and added that one of the things we do best here in Ghana is to worry, magnify and complain about problems, most of which could be easily solved.”

Bishop Titi-Ofei espoused that our minds were extremely unique and automatically wired to provide solutions to problems surrounding us. As such, it was unfortunate on the part of anyone whose mind never made the attempt of providing solutions to problems.

“Our minds are wired to automatically offer solutions to the daily problems we come across. You are in trouble if all your mind does is to worry and never attempts to offer solutions to the problems surrounding you.

“Those who move our world and make the front pages of newspapers are those who think smart. Successful business entrepreneurs are those who have the capacity to identify a business problem, generate an idea that solves that problem and their capacity to be able to convert that idea into an invention.”

He further explained that no individual could perform beyond the capacity he had built for his brains and that the level at which anyone operated was as a result of the information that had been inputted into the mind.

“Whatever you allow into your mind will come back to you in the form of decisions and achievements. If you do not like where you are now, go back and check the information you’ve been feeding your brain with. Your mind is like a ceiling over your life. You cannot outperform your mind,” he added.

According to him the solution to lazy thinking, had to do with the exercising of one’s mind and that everyone should endeavour to own a library.

He noted that, “You need to exercise your mind and the best way to do this is to take your mind to the mental gym- the library. A leader without a library is a liability. There is nothing you want to do today that somebody has not already written about it. You have no excuse for failure.”

Madam Whitney Boakye-Mensah spoke on how to convert ‘Business Ideas to Business Operations’. She gave five points on how to successfully implement the business ideas on paper and manifest them into reality. These five points had to do with passion, funds, clear cut vision, mission and strategy, discussing business ideas with the right people, and being specific and setting realistic goals.

Mr Maximus Ametorgoh addressed how entrepreneurs could effectively digitise their businesses while Mr. Ebenezer Abeku Onumah handled ‘Insurance in a start-up business’. GNA

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