Flush out unscrupulous auctioneers–GhIA tells Interior Ministry

The Ghana Institute of Auctioneers (GhIA) has asked the Ministry of the Interior to flush out unscrupulous auctioneers to bring sanity in the business.

It said the current list of auctioneers in good standing published by the ministry contained some unscrupulous people who were dishonest in their previous dealing and had their license revoked.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday in Accra, the President of GhIA, Mr Calvis Okine, said some members had been revoked from the business due to their involvement in corrupt scandals.

He mentioned Mr T.T. Atiga of T.T. Mart and Henry Maama Neilson of Manelis Mart for their alleged involvement in illegal auctioning activities.

“Their names have been made available to the ministry and we are calling on ministry to immediately delete those names to protect the reputation of the institute.

“We call on the Auctioneering Registration Board to give us the list it had registered in the country under the Section 3(2) of Auction Sales Act 1989, PNDCL 230 to enable us bring out unqualified names which had wrongfully entered the register,” he said.

Mr Okine said GhIA as a registered company by guarantee at the Registered General’s Department was the only recognised umbrella body for all auctioneers.

He said following the defunct Ghana Auctioneers Association, some members who did not meet the requirement as auctioneers were revoked to bring repute into the business.

“Now the requirement includes a written auctioneering examination for those who want to become an auctioneer. This is to enable us meet international practice as a professional body

Consequently, the Ghana Auctioneers Association is now defunct and it’s no longer exist,” he said.


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