Fashion walk to outdoor Dashiki outfit

The fifth edition of the annual “Dashiki Walk” came off last Saturday in Accra, as scores of fashion lovers thronged the streets of La to grace the occasion.

The crowd, in their various Dashiki outfits, embarked on the walk which started from the La Trade Fair Centre and ended at the Independence Square.

 The Yoruba borrowed the word danshiki from the Hausa term dan ciki, which means “underneath.”

It is a functional work tunic for men, comfortable enough to wear in the hot season.

The dan chiki garment was commonly worn by males under large robes.

Similar garments were found in the sacred Dogon burial caves in Southern Mali, which dated back to the 12th and 13th centuries. It was a symbol of affirmation, which implied “black is beautiful.”

About 200 youth from some parts of the national capital participated in the event, amidst, singing of cheer songs and dancing, and other forms of entertainment.

The ‘Dashiki Walk’, organised by Timothy Musah Abaadu popularly known in showbiz  as MJ the Comedian, was to educate the youth on the need to promote the ‘local fabric’, and as well strengthen the unity among one another.

Mr Abaadu, who is a comic actor and also a corporate Master of Ceremony (MC) said he came up with “Dashiki Walk” to exhibit his “pan-africanism” and to measure his fan base.

According to him, the annual event which comes off every first Saturday in July, would be developed into a festival.

“The walk has been consistent since its inception five years ago, and I would want to take it a notch higher. But it takes not just plans and ideas to execute, it takes money,” he emphasised and called for support from the public and other benevolent organisations to ensure it became a global event.

The word “dashiki” comes from the Yoruba word danshiki, which refers to the loose-fitting pullover originated in West Africa.

By Yunusah Essandoh

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