Emboss labels on water products by Oct 1 — FDA directs manufacturers

Effective October 1, this year, producers and manufacturers are to make visible vital product information on primary and secondary bottled and sachet water.

The new directive, according to the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), is to ensure that the public easily identified all essential product information at the point of purchase as well as facilitate effective and efficient market surveillance.

The requirement include, labelling information which should be the same on both primary and secondary packaging.

Name and contact details of a person or company that is granted a licence to do business under a trade name should be on the front of the displayed product, and the font size on the product label should be at least half of the size of the largest font on the label.

These were made known yesterday in Accra during a stakeholders’ meeting to discuss the directive.

The move was also to formally disseminate the action to stakeholders while providing insight on labelling requirements to enable them to adequately prepare and comply with its requirements.

Some of the issues discussed were notable mistakes on labelling of pre-packaged water, the new FDA directive on labelling of pre-packaged water and the general labelling rules.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Authority, Delese Mimi Darko said the failure to comply with the new directive meant imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine of GH₵30,000.

She explained that “the directive in the area is needed to have a healthy policy environment to ensure that the enforcer, non-retail producer and manufacturer as well as consumers benefit from clear complete labelling to obtain important information on products purchased at the point of sale.

Speaking to some stakeholders who were present at the meeting, they complained of short time frame to adjust to the new directive, saying, “we know the directive is in good faith, but the engagement to discuss the directive is not in order.”

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