EC trains MDAs, MSMEs on efficient energy management

The Energy Commission is set to promote efficient energy use at various district assemblies, ministries, departments and agencies in the country, Executive Secretary, Mr Oscar Amonoo-Neizer, has indicated.

He explained that, the move was part of the commission’s mandate to lead energy efficiency awareness creation and implementation, through regulations and standards, in a bid to ensure the efficient utilisation of energy resources in Ghana.

“Our work in energy efficiency over the years speaks to our commitment to promoting Ghana’s energy transition through efficient utilisation of electricity,” Mr Amonoo- Neizer.

He said these at a training programme for energy managers in Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs), micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs)and hotels in Takoradi, yesterday. 

With supports from United Nations Development Programme, the training was to help participants control their electricity bills, electricity consumption and also improve energy efficiency at their places.

Mr Amonoo-Niezer told participants that the recommendations of a validation committee established in 2019 under the auspices of the Energy Sector Recovery Programme, to validate all MDAs and electricity billings post-payment of assemblies, included the development of a mechanism for monitoring the efficient use of electricity.

It also wrote about the implementation of an energy efficiency training programme to promote the prudent use of electricity and thereby reduce electricity costs in all MDAs and MMDAs. 

According to Mr Amonoo-Neizer, the study conducted by the Ghana Statistical Service in collaboration with UNDP and the World Bank in 2020, found that, MSMEs and other businesses, were found to have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Therefore, there was the need to build resilience against numerous setbacks,” he added.

“Hotels (hoteliers) for example spend approximately 60 -70 percent of their operating costs on energy and resources and hence need assistance in adopting best practices with energy and resource use to reduce costs, increase revenue generation, and the capacity to withstand future challenges,” he noted.

Mr Amonoo-Neizer said the Commission together with Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) sought support from the UNDP to carry out energy and resource efficiency and conservation training for MMDAs and MSMEs in six identified regions.

He added that about 600 personnel would benefit from the training to help ensure the prudent use of energy and resources in their establishments, who become energy and resource managers to conduct walk-through energy and resource audits on regular basis.

“This walk-though will be in a more sustainable manner as well as to serve as agents of a monitoring mechanism for easy tracking. This finally aims to reduce energy and resource expenses while promoting energy and resource efficiency and conservation in their operations,” he said.

Mr Amonoo-Neizer thanked UNDP for being a critical partner in the Commission’s quest to promote energy efficiency.

Head of Environment and Climate Change, UNDP Ghana, Stephen Kansuk, spoke about the need to promote corporate governance in the business operations of small and medium enterprises, and also create opportunities for them.

“They should be able to attract funds, expand their businesses and ensure resource efficiency in their operations,” he added.


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