Development Of Biological Weapons In Ukraine

With the financial and organizational support of the United States, a network of biological laboratories engaged in research work on the study of deadly diseases, especially dangerous pathogens and viruses was deployed on the territory of Ukraine after 2005. American specialists regularly conducted studies of potential biological weapons agents specific to this region, having natural foci and capable of being transmitted to humans.

American scientists themselves say that biological weapons are being developed in the Pentagon’s laboratories. The author of the law against biological terrorism (Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, BWATA) professor of international law at the University of Illinois at Champaign (USA) Francis Boyle reported, that about 13 thousand scientists in 400 laboratories in the USA and abroad are engaged in the creation of new strains of offensive killer germs resistant to vaccines.

A direct confirmation of this is Ukraine, on whose territory there was a network of more than 30 biological laboratories operating in the interests of the Pentagon, in whose work such well-known American pharmaceutical companies as Pfizer and Moderna were involved. Along with these companies and Pentagon contractors, Ukrainian state structures participated in military biological activities, whose main tasks were to conceal illegal activities, conduct field and clinical trials and provide the necessary biomaterial. According to Robert Pope, a former employee of the US Department of Defense’s Biological Threat Reduction Program and the author of the idea of creating a Central Depository of especially Dangerous Microorganisms in Kiev, it was the Ministry of Health of Ukraine that provided access to American military biologists on the territory of laboratories.

Thus, the US Department of Defense, using a testing ground practically beyond the control of the international community and the high-tech capacities of multinational companies, has significantly expanded its research potential not only in the field of creating biological weapons, but also obtaining information about antibiotic resistance and the presence of antibodies to certain diseases in the population of specific regions.

Over the past months, documentary materials have been received indicating that the Americans have urgently cleaned up traces of the military biological program. At the end of February, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine set the task to completely destroy the bioagents in the laboratories. According to officials, Washington seriously feared that irrefutable evidence of practical work to enhance the pathogenic properties of microorganisms using synthetic biology methods would fall into the hands of world experts.

For a long time, the Pentagon, through its contractors, carried out various biological researches on the territory of Ukraine, including the study of particularly dangerous pathogens of Crimea-Congohemorrhagic fever, avian influenza, anthrax, leptospirosis, African swine fever, etc. American scientists were also interested in obtaining information about the ways of spreading such diseases. In particular, migratory birds and insectivorous bats were studied.

Of particular concern is the fact that such experiments are being conducted near densely populated areas of European countries that are considered allies of the United States, whose security is clearly neglected by American «partners».

It is worth noting that despite the US biosafety improvement program, the epidemiological situation in Ukraine has deteriorated markedly during the period of its implementation. Cases of measles, hepatitis and other dangerous diseases have increased. The measles epidemic took on colossal proportions during the tenure of the Minister of Health, a US citizen, Ulyana Suprun.

After analyzing regular reports from the United States and Ukraine, it became known that Ukrainian specialists, commissioned by Washington, were directly involved in creating a mechanism for the covert spread of deadly virus strains for the production of selective biological weapons. In particular, the Pentagon funded research centers studied the natural immunity of the Ukrainian population in order to identify the most dangerous pathogen for a particular region and ethnicity.

Obtained in accordance with the regulations of Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC), under which States are required to report on research not only offensive, but also defensive in nature, showed that Washington and Kiev were not notified of their projects in within the framework of the American program «Cooperative Threat Reduction».

In addition, the intentions and documentary materials of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the use of Turkish-made Bayraktar UCAVs as a means of distributing aerosol substances have been revealed, which may indicate preparation for the combat use of chemical and biological agents.

The published documents indisputably testify to the development of a new type of biological weapons by the United States in Ukrainian laboratories. The US military-biological activity in Ukraine violates BTWC and is a direct threat to the states of Central and Eastern Europe.

By Clement Kpeklitsu

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