‘Deepen relationships with existing customers to drive better experiences’

The Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) has called on players of various sectors of the economy to deepen relationships with existing customers to drive better experiences and create a positive impact.

According to its President, Dr Daniel Kasser-Tee, creating support team consistency and enhancing customer service strategy was key to the growth of various sectors of the economy.

Speaking to Joybusiness at a coffee-table publication of the first Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana-Customer Satisfaction Report for 2021 and the commissioning of the 2022 Research Projects, DrKasser-Tee maintained that the organisation was committed to providing data to support the expansion of various sectors.

He urged organisations to take advantage of the report to work on improving customer service in the country.

“You may have your money to open your business and determine which industry to venture but without proper data on customer satisfaction it won’t help. There is the need for industry players to strengthen their service delivery to customers,” he said.

He, however, indicated that the institute would focus on other sectors including the insurance sector, private healthcare, hotels and business schools in its 2022 Research Projects.

 “We want to expand to other sectors this year. The dynamics may be different but they are the same so we will look at other sectors for 2022,” he assured.

The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at McDan Group, Daniel McKorley, urged businesses to forge partnerships with relevant bodies and strengthen advocacy to influence government policy on marketing-related matters.

“Create alliances with pertinent organisations and bolster campaigning to change government regulations pertaining to marketing,” he opined.

It is expected that the final report from the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana study will serve as a huge marketing resource for each of the 16 regions of Ghana, as visitors and tourists will use it as a guide to patronise the various services available.

The first Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana Customer Satisfaction Index Report focused on the banking industry, as 2,300 customers were sampled from 23 banks.

DrKasser-Tee explained that the banking sector was picked for the initial survey because it is one of the best-regulated industries.

A Customer Satisfaction Index Report is a flexible analytical tool for gauging how satisfied customers are with a certain good, service, or business. It provides assistance in determining what causes consumer satisfaction—or, conversely, dissatisfaction.

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