COVID-19: KRIF Ghana embarks on ‘Stay Safe Campaign’

KRIF Ghana Limited has embarked on a “Stay Safe Campaignas part of efforts to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in Ghana and the ECOWAS sub-region.

 The campaign, dubbed “Stay Safe Campaign- Don’t Use Your Fingers to Count Money” is to encourage the general public to avoid counting money with bare hands by adopting simple but effective hygienic standards for our protection.

To facilitate this campaign, KRIF Ghana Limited is offering the best quality, easy to use money counting machines at the lowest prices so that all and sundry will be able to process money using the machines in safety, no headaches and minimal risks.

According to the Executive Chairman, Rev. Kennedy Okosun, “the aim of the campaign is to augment the efforts the government and other individuals are putting in to fight COVID-19 for the safety of everyone.”

“We are called upon to adopt measures as individuals and as a nation to curtail the spread of this deadly virus. Monies received or paid out must be processed without doubt. But with the appropriate equipment for utmost care to avoid contacting contagions or spreading it due to lack of technology to reduce the risk to the barest minimum,” he said.

“We have the health of Ghanaians at heart, as always. Krif Ghana Limited, by duty, will do whatever it takes to bring our money counting machines down to the reach of all who require to count their daily receipts in a safe and efficient way. Thus making them accessible and affordable to all,” Rev. Okosun said.

Ghana’s leading sales and distributors of superior quality office stationery and equipment, and money counting machines, KRIF Ghana Limited over the years, has contributed its quota directly or indirectly to the development of Ghana and beyond and this Stay Safe Campaign is one of such contributions.

The money counting machines on this campaign are from the world’s renowned brand manufacturers such as Olympia of Germany and Magner of USA. They include; Olympia NC-540, Olympia NC-450 and Olympia NC-620, Magner 175 and Magner 125, Magner 152, and Magner 175v.

These are time tested machines designed specifically for counting and detecting counterfeit of the Ghana cedi, US dollars and other currencies.

By Times Reporter

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