70 ‘Kayayei’ children at Katamanto enrolled on NHIS

About 70 chil­dren of Street Aid Nursery and Kindergarten at Katamanto Railways and Tudu have been enrolled on the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), by Trailblazers and its partners.

The move is to help relieve vulnerable single mothers of the financial burden for the health care of their children.

It is also to offer the kids who are mostly children of head potters, popularly known as “Kayayei”, free access to the hos­pital for professional care when the need arises.

Speaking to journalists after the exercise, the Administrator of Trailblazers, Ms Gifty Takyi, said it was refreshing to see the children enrolled onto the scheme.

She said it would encourage parents with financial challenges seeking medical help to do so and also offer them some peace of mind.

Apart from enrolling the chil­dren onto the NHIS, they also donated stationeries and toys to the children.

The stationeries comprised of text books, exercise books, story books, packs of crayons, packs of erasers, packs of pencils, packs of pens, sleeping mats, and packs of sharpeners, toys and rulers, among others.

Officials from the NHIS assist­ed the pupils from the Street Aid Nursery and Kindergarten with their registration process.

Those whose cards had expired were also renewed for them as part of the exercises.

The Supervisor of the school, Mrs Joana Armah, expressed her contentment working with the children


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