44th Triumph Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran

Every year, Iranians celebrate the “Ten Days of Dawn” from the beginning of February, which coincided with the return of Imam Khomeini who was welcomed by around three million Iranians in capital Tehran following his 14 years absence due to forced exile, until February 11, which was the day of the triumph of the Irani­an nation’s revolution against the Pahlavi dictatorial regime.

During these days, some people go to the shrine of Imam Kho­meini, some people decorate the streets, and some celebrate in the city. On February 10, millions of Iranians march in the streets of Tehran and other cities to mark this day.

The victory of the Islamic revolution in February 1979 (22 Bahman 1357 Persian Calendar) is a turning point in the Islamic uprisings of the last century, espe­cially in the Shia world. In terms of its Islamic nature and religious goals, the Iranian Revolution attracted the hearts of Muslims from Islamic religions and created a glimmer of hope, and this was all because the Iranian Revolution was the banner of Islam, meaning ideals and aspirations for more than a billion.

Many Islamic values were abolished or distorted which later resulted in the creation of Al-Qaeda and ISIS thanks to huge investment and support from the western powers partly to keep Is­lam look that way, partly to uphold arms sale in the Middle East and partly to overshadow the Iran’s rev­olutionary message to all freedom seekers around the world.

Unlike other contemporary uprisings which ended in nothing but mayhem, due to big logic void, lack of justified cause worth of sacrifice and absence of legitimate leadership accompanied with western manipulation like whatever happened in Syria, Sudan, Libya and Egypt , Iran’s Islamic revolu­tion had all the elements necessary for a successful triumph and to turn a deprived “yes man” country into a regional if not saying world power despite unprecedented sanctions, a portion of which could cripple any state.

Living as Muslims for over 14 centuries, the Iranian people sensed that the Foreign-backed Pahlavi dictatorship regime have not only taken away all kinds of indepen­dence and state sovereignty, but were gradually trying to interfere with their Islam driven cultural cer­emonies and even prohibiting the Muslim women from wearing Hijab to the point that the regime massa­cred tens of people who protested against that Hijab prohibition law in “Goharshad Mosque” in August 1935 which is considered as one of the important roots of the revolu­tion that took place 4 decades late.

Eventually, the Iranian people af­ter years of endeavour and sacrifice toppled the Pahlavi regime on Feb­ruary 11, 1979, ending the 2,500 years of monarchy in the country.

From the day one of the tri­umph, Iran, now an independent country and having taken full sovereignty over its vast under and over ground rich resources began to face pressure and sanctions from the United States who had just lost an important puppet dic­tator in the region, a free source of energy and a vital ally to the Israel against the Arab nations in the Middle East.

One can list all kinds of sin­ister plots the west orchestrated against Iran from the attempts to overthrow the new government – something the US had success­fully done to the democratically elected Mohammad Mosaddegh earlier in 1953 to put the Shah back in the dictatorial power – to arming a Saddam with all con­ventional and nonconventional and chemical weapons during an 8-year imposed war which Iranians refer to as the “8-year Holy defense”, to imposing of unimaginable forms of economic and medical sanctions centered around Iran’s peaceful nuclear power and organising the ISIS in Iraq and Syria to limit Iran’s re­gional influence and to cowardly assassinating a Hero like Major General Soleimani, right after the iconic commander put an end to that terror, and a recent media based hybrid war after the death of Mahsa Amini.

They say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Same thing happened to the Iranian people. Despite all the ill willing exerted on Iran by the western powers led by the United States and their Middle Eastern oil retailing dictator allies, the Islamic republic of Iran, with the support of its tolerant peo­ple, strong will and dedication of its scientists, displays categorical achievements every year during this national celebration day.

Iran owns the first rank in Asia and fifth in the world in laser knowledge, top five country with the knowledge of making neural prosthesis, top five producer of nuclear medicine and radio-phar­macy and bio-implant generators, Covid19 Vaccine, Stem Cell and cloning technology and numerous other scientific and technological achievements.

Having launched its first domes­tically engineered satellite Omid (Hope) into orbit in 2009, this year the Islamic Republic of Iran has unveiled two indigenous telecom­munications and imaging satellites designed and manufactured by the country’s specialists called Nahid (Venus)-2 and Tolou (Sunrise)-3 respectively among others. The Islamic Republic’s military power and deterrence capability are so advanced that not only it provides solid defense, but has put many other powers in line to buy Iranian products.

Thanks to the Islamic revolution for the first time in the history and more than 3000 years of civiliza­tion, the Iranian people earned the right to vote. Less than two months after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iranians took part in a referendum, where more than 98 percent of eligible voters voted ‘yes’ to the Islamic Republic as a new political system, which took the power from monarchs and dictators and handed it over to people.


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Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Accra

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