2 A/R Constituencies petition NPP leadership over polling station elections

Some aggrieved members and supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) from Obuasi West and Bantama Constituencies of the Ashanti Region (A/R) on Monday thronged the party’s headquarters in Accra to demand the annulment of the Polling Station and Electoral Area Coordinators’ elections.

They accused their executives of alleged breaches in the conduct of the said elections and demanded re-election and insisted that no official elections had been conducted in the constituencies, although new executives had been elected.

“We have decided to follow it up with a petition to indicate we are not only saying words, but we are also putting our grievances on paper to point out we are going through the party’s procedures for us to be heard,” they noted.

In the said petition the members and supporters of the two constituencies said the party’s objective to break the eight years of political party rule may not be achieved “if internal wrangling, bickering and backbiting persisted and expressed worry over alleged irregularities that had characterised the party’s elections.

According to the petition, they earlier informed the regional executives of the alleged irregularities in the conduct of the elections and wanted them annulled in the interest of the party and breaking the eight-year political party cycle but they did not listen to them hence their decision to petition the national executives for redress.

“We first went to the regional office to let the authorities know about what is going on in Obuasi West and Bantama, but we never heard anything from them and that compelled us to be at the National Headquarters of the party to seek redress by annulling the electoral results in the two constituencies in accordance with the rules, regulations and due processes followed,” it said.

The petition appealed to the leadership of the party to ensure peace, unity, harmony and cohesion within the party by following due processes, transparency, equality, firmness and fairness in the electoral processes.

“We want peace, unity and harmony within the rank and file of the party to enable us the remain focus, steadfast and resolute in order to break the eight-year political party rule and the right thing must be done to achieve that to retain power in 2025,” it said. –citinewsroom.com

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