Vodafone reiterates commitment to growth of SMEs

There is no doubt about it, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) remain the key drivers of the Ghanaian economy.

They contribute more than 70 per cent to the country’s Gross Domestic Product which is very significant for an economy aiming to reach higher middle income status.

However, in spite of this potential, SMEs continue to lack digital resources that will take them to the next level.

Vodafone Ghana continues to take leadership amongst the few organisations in Ghana that are demonstrating true commitment to transforming these businesses and maximising their digital potential.

Besides the bespoke products it offers to enable SMEs improve productivity and agility, Vodafone has introduced initiatives that build capacity, whilst connecting them to the digital eco-system for investment opportunities and partnerships.

One of the many ways the company supports SMEs is by dedicating the month of September to focus its energies toward their growth and development. Throughout the month, Vodafone introduces initiatives that empower them to become digitally transformative across all levels of their operations.

This year, Vodafone has outlined a number of activities to engage, excite and reward customers throughout the month.

These include SME market storms across key regions, trade festivals and a unique capacity-building programme to equip Makola traders with business skills. Additionally, in partnership with CEIBS, Vodafone will organise its Masterclass programme, for CEOs and other senior managers of selected SMEs sometime during the month.

The high-noon of the month-long celebration will be the annual SME Ghana Awards (SMEGA) where outstanding SMEs and individuals are rewarded and celebrated.

Commenting on the SME month, Chief Executive of Vodafone Ghana,Patricia Obo-Naisaid, “Our leadership in the SME space reaches its peak every year in September when we engage them across all channels through various events and programmes. We believe that every SME has the power to succeed if they are equipped with what they need to connect, grow and prosper in their businesses through reliable relationships and partnerships.

She said, “Over the years, we have supported many SMEs and have achieved tremendous success as a result. These outcomes inspire us to strive to reach out to many more of these businesses in Ghana whilst creating an exciting future for our customers.”


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