Vodafone Healthline advises public

Vodafone’s multiple award-winning TV programme, Healthline has enlightened viewers on the side effects of skin bleaching.

The 11th episode of Healthline Season 8 also discussed body enhancement and dispelled some myths surrounding plastic surgery.

Speaking on the show, Dr Mark Seadey, a dermatologist at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, educated viewers on the harmful substances in some bleaching products and how they affect the skin.

“In our part of the world, the most common bleaching soaps and creams contain hydroquinone, steroids and mercury, which are considered very deadly. It is therefore important to check the labels on these products before purchasing them. Bleaching makes the skin thinner and this delays healing when you have a wound or cut. These products can also cause chronic kidney failure, cataract, diabetes, osteoporosis, and skin cancer, in the end,” he said.

Dr Opoku Ware Ampomah, a seasoned plastic surgeon, who spoke on plastic surgery and body enhancement, said “Patients undergo reconstructive surgery to correct a body defect and others go in forcosmetic surgery to enhance some body parts. It is however, important that they do all the required medical tests to confirm if they can go ahead; and also ensure that the procedure is carried out by a professional”.

Dr Ampomah also used the Vodafone Healthline platform to disabuse the myth that women with breast implants could not breastfeed.


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