Farmers urged to explore opportunities in Dubai to export farm produce

The third edition of the ‘Meet the Farmer’s Conference’ (MTFC), an agro-trade and networking platform has been launched in Accra.

It is aimed at bringing together farmers across the world to trade and exhibit their products in the Dubai market and ultimately connect large scale agro commodity producers to buyers alike.

 Scheduled for November 27 to 28 in Dubai under the theme, ‘Creating a sustainable future,’ it is being organised by Crenov8 Consulting.

 Speaking at the launch, Event Organiser, Bola Oyedele said the event was aimed at exposing African farmers to the global market.

She said Dubai is a very good place for African farmers to sell their products as the country produces only 30 per cent of food consumed with the remaining 70 imported from different countries.

 “The world generally is trying to fight food insecurity and Africa has come to the point that the rest of the world would need us to survive and must take the opportunity to feed the world,” she stated.

Africa, she said, could  feed the world if it produces and uses platforms such as the Meet the Farmers Conference to break into the global market.

“With the MTFC platform, large and small-scale farmers can tap into the 100 billion dollar market in Dubai – that is why we are partnering with relevant stakeholders across both public and private sectors to help us aggregate farmers to export agric produce to UAE and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council,” she stressed.

Head, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Ghana, Mr Cyril Darkwa lauded the initiative adding that it would be a huge opportunity for Ghanaian farmers to invest and export into Dubai.

Ghana, he said, would contribute significantly to the food basket in Dubai if farmers leverage on the MTFC to make an impact.

Already, he said, Ghana is contributing about 25 million Ghana cedis to the 100 billion dollar market in Dubai and that could improve when farmers take opportunity of the MTFC to sell their produce.

“This would also go a long way to empower local businesses and improve upon local capacity,” she added.

Cenger Asamoah, one of the organisers, explained that the first conference was held in 2017 and continued in 2018 with a more significant impact especially to African farmers.

“We look forward to a bigger conference this year and call on farmers across the continent to take advantage of the platform,” he stated.


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