Turkey-Syria earthquakes: 2,280 dead; 2nd major quake hits

A magnitude 7.6 earthquake follows devastat­ing 7.8 tremor in southeast Turkey, also causing dam­age in northern Syria.

At least 1,498 deaths were re­ported in Turkey, while 783 people died in Syria.

The head of Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Au­thority has said.

Orhan Tatar said all the areas impacted by the quake have been reached by teams, adding that rein­forcements continue.

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At least 8,533 have been injured in the earthquake, Tatar said, add­ing that 2,834 buildings have been destroyed in southeastern Turkey.

Turkey’s education ministry says schools across the country will be closed until February 13 following Monday’s earthquake.

Syria’s presidency says Russian President, Vladimir Putin, in a phone call with his Syrian coun­terpart, Bashar al-Assad, offered condolences for the victims of the earthquake and pledged to send rescue teams and assistance.

The quake has left more than 780 people dead in Syria.

United States President, Joe Biden, says he is “deeply saddened” by the earthquake and loss of life in Turkey and Syria and has promised help from Washington. -BBC

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