Samuel Cardillo Explains What It Takes to Unlock the Maximum Human Potential

At just 26 years old, Samuel Cardillo the CTO of RTFKT Studios has accomplished more than most people achieve in a lifetime. If an impressive educational background wasn’t enough, this tech titan created his first website when he was only eight years old. Currently the Founder and CEO of ShadowBreak Intl, Samuel Cardillo has had a fantastic journey of growth and success over his years in the industry. And he credits his formidable achievements to three traits: innovation, optimization, and creativity.


When Samuel Cardillo was just four years old, he was fascinated by the iconic Commodore 64 computer. Falling in love with technology, he quit school when he was 14 to pursue the IT field on a full-time basis. Teaching himself software development and the principles of cybersecurity, Cardillo was involved in financial and security projects when he was 19. By creating innovative apps and software, he has made a name for himself in the fields of cyber warfare management, cybersecurity, and even bioengineering. “The secret is never to stop learning or innovating, especially in the tech world,” reveals Cardillo. “It is critical to always stay a step ahead, regardless of your industry.”


Innovation by itself is not enough to unlock your full potential; it must be teamed up with optimization, or in other words, making the best use of your ideas and resources. Samuel Cardillo points out that the greatest ideas are often built on other great ideas, and the same cycle continues. What one person conceptualizes, another person makes better. The brainstorming necessary to optimize innovative ideas helps to further unlock one’s potential, according to Samuel Cardillo. “It requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are welcome in almost every industry on a worldwide scale,” he explains.


Speaking of problem-solving skills, Samuel Cardillo considers creativity to be the third action item when it comes to unleashing your full potential. “A surefire way to make a concept or idea stand out is to present it in a highly creative fashion,” explains Cardillo. We often tend to dismiss creativity as a soft skill, when in truth, it has been an essential element to some of humanity’s greatest technological and scientific breakthroughs. Not to mention, creativity and innovation always go hand-in-hand. And creative problem solving is necessary to optimize an idea to its fullest capacity.

Samuel Cardillo utilized innovation, optimization, and creativity to become one of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts before seeing his 30th birthday. On a concluding note, Cardillo has but one word to describe the human potential: limitless.

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