Guinness launches new campaign

Guinness has launched a new campaign in Ghana and across key markets in Africa dubbed ‘Black Shines Brightest’.

 ‘Black Shines Brightest’ is a new Pan African campaign celebrating the iconic black liquid enjoyed all over the continent for over a century.

The new campaign is inspired by the bold and unique black beer of Guinness stout and brings together passionate and creative individuals to celebrate the spirit of Guinness and its home across African markets.

Energetic and empowering, the campaign celebrates individuals coming together, fizzing with optimism, creativity and potential.

 Across the Continent, a generation of individuals, inspired by each other and the people around them, are coming together as they unite to take on the opportunities in front of them.

To launch the campaign, Guinness worked with real culture makers from across the continent who demonstrate how Black Shines Brightest in a range of different ways.

 Roland Ofori, Head of Beers, Heineken Portfolio and Guinness TradeMark at Guinness Ghana said “The ambition of this exciting new campaign is to make Guinness the most magnetic brand in culture, by championing new talent and all those people making waves in culture.

“Guinness is a brand that shines brightest, and bar culture is part of its DNA.  These are the places where individuals come together not only to share an ice cold Guinness but also their ideas and energy. Bars are at the beating heart of African culture, they are where people can express themselves freely and be part of a community. As the campaign launches, we will work with bars to help them shine brightest as we roll out a series of Brighthouse Bars which will appear in key cities all around Ghana.  Fusing creativity and socialising, these cultural spaces will be a hub for people to connect and energise each other with creativity, inspiration and, of course, Guinness, ” he said.

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